‘Mean Girls’ ended differently than planned – one of the actors revealed what the end of the film was supposed to look like!

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Mean Girls is one of the most popular teen movies of the 2000s! There is no person who has not watched this film and who does not adore it, and it is still watched today, after a full 17 years since its release.

One of the more popular characters from the film has now revealed how the plot of this film was originally supposed to end – we have to admit that we did not expect such an end…

Daniel Franzese is an actor from the movie ‘Mean Girls’ in which he embodied Damian. Damian was one of Lindsay Lohan’s best friends, or Cady, whom she embodied in this film. Daniel has now made a statement and revealed in a TikTok video how this film was actually supposed to end. The film actually ends with Cady joining a math competition, after which she is proclaimed the prom queen. In addition to receiving this title, she gave a speech in which she apologized to everyone for her behavior and shared the crown with her classmates. But according to the original script, the film didn’t have to end that way.

Daniel explains in the video that it was written in the script that Kevin G was the one selling the drugs, so Professor Norbury talked him out from the same. To save him, she put the drugs in her drawer, and the police later found the same drugs, which led to the professor’s arrest. In the end, the film was supposed to end so that instead of a math competition, the whole team from the class was trying to get the teacher’s job back, and it was Daniel who was supposed to admit that the drug was his since Kevin G didn’t show up at their deal where they had to admit everything in order to get the professors job back.


how mean girls was REALLY supposed to end (ft. @whatsupdanny aka damian)

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By: Angelica W. – Gossip Whispers