Razer Basilisk V3 - suits every gamer

When designing the Razer Basilisk V3, the Californian manufacturer decided to do something else - to give players the optimal rodent

Razer Basilisk V3 - suits every gamer

Photo Credits: Razer

The Razer Basilisk V3 is a customizable mouse

Some gaming mice are better suited to first-person shooters, others are clearly designed with MMO or MOBA in mind. When designing the Razer Basilisk V3, the Californian manufacturer decided to do something else - to give players the optimal rodent, regardless of their favorite species. The reviews leave no doubt that this is an exceptionally successful design. 

Why is the Razer Basilisk V3 so versatile? Well, for example, a shape designed so that the mouse rests securely in the hand, no matter how you hold it. Above all, however, the secret lies in the wide personalization options - in other words: you can configure it exactly as you need. 

A strong heart is essential

Its heart is one of the best optical sensors on the market, namely the Razer Focus + 26K DPI Optical Sensor. As the name suggests, the maximum resolution here is as much as 26,000 DPI, but of course, you can lower it using the smooth sensitivity adjustment function. You have complete freedom and the ability to customize how the Basilisk V3 works, depending on whether you need dynamics or the greatest possible precision.

And precision - by the way - can not be denied on this mouse, because the sensor has a movement accuracy of 99.6%. What's more, it handles soft and hard surfaces just as well, automatically calibrating when changing ground. 

Any avid gamer will also appreciate the Asymmetric Cut-Off feature. This name is a tool that allows you to adjust the height in relation to the ground, from which the mouse movement is no longer detected.

10 programmable buttons

Two main ones, three under the thumb, another two on the spine, and three more as part of the scroll - in total, the Razer Basilisk V3 mouse gives you 10 buttons that you can freely program - so that you can enjoy the game as much as possible.

You will find one more, eleventh button on the mouse. It is used to switch profiles, which you can have up to 5 in total. Thanks to the fact that the settings are saved in the device memory and in the Razer cloud, you can access them from any computer to which you connect Basilisk. 

The most important are, of course, the main buttons, i.e. the left and right buttons. Razer used proprietary optical switches with two basic advantages. The first is the super-short activation time - 0.2 ms. The second is durability, estimated at 70 million presses. It is, therefore, equipment for many years. 

The scroll is of course as important as the buttons. The one in the Basilisk V3 mouse can be scrolled vertically, but also tilted horizontally. This opens up new possibilities in games and beyond. The option to change the operating mode of this wheel is also a great thing - from fast, free rotation (additionally accelerated thanks to the Virtual Acceleration technology), too precise, with a noticeable resistance (every clove). Alternatively, you can select the Smart-Reel mode, in which the appropriate mode activates automatically depending on how you shoot. 

The Basilisk catches the eye

With all its functionality, the Razer Basilisk V3 is also simply a really tasteful gadget. It looks very good, and the Chroma RGB backlight with 11 illumination zones ensures gaming effectiveness. What's more, the LEDs can glow in sync with games, taking immersion to an even higher level.

The mouse is solidly made and its elements fit flawlessly. The whole thing weighs 101 grams, which seems to be the optimal weight - neither too big nor too small. For some, the wired connection may be a disadvantage, but Razer thought and used its Speedflex "cable", which is flexible enough not to cause any problems during the game. It will not catch on anything, nor will it drag the gadget to either side without your knowledge.