Review:Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3- Everything you need

This model seems great for listening to music and for exercise, because the headphones are light, each weighs only 4g, you won’t even feel them in your ear.

Review:Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3- Everything you need

Photo Credits: Xiaomi /Promo

Design and ergonomics

In the box you get a standard box with headphones, headphone jacks, charging cable and instructions. Box is made of matte plastic, the logo is on the top, the indicator light is on the front, and the USB - C charging slot is on the back. They come in white, black and pastel pink. The box is rubberized on the inside and there is a function button for connection.

This case is quite large compared to some on the market, the dimensions are 6 x 4 x 3 cm. But it’s still quite large compared to other enclosures. I thought it might be because of the high battery capacity of the box. It has a capacity of as much as 600 mAh, which is really a lot, but this case also has a large capacity, 500 mAh. The headphones are made of the same plastic as the box and have this smooth finish on the top. They look modern. They are comfortable and stable in the ear, easy to insert. Spray-resistant, so there is no fear of rain or sweating during exercise.

Functionality and ease of use

The first connection is very simple. When you open the box, the indicator light on the headset will show that the headset is ready for Bluetooth pairing, Bluetooth on your device will find it and that’s it. If you have a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone, a pop-up window will pop up as soon as you open the box - which means it’s even simpler. After you connect the headphones to the device for the first time, in the future they will automatically connect each time you open the box.

Basically, very good sound. The sound is equally good during calls, but they do not have active noise cancellation, so background noise is heard. If you talk a lot on headphones maybe you should consider a model with legs and active noise cancellation when calling. They have some noise reduction, but that’s not it. This model seems great to me for listening to music and for exercise, because the headphones are light, each weighs only 4g, you won’t even feel them in your ear. They were quite stable in my ear. They come with good headphone jacks of different sizes, so you can set them to fit snugly in your ear.

The headphones have built-in capacitive sensors, which allows them to touch function. You can pause and resume playing music, accept and end a call, and call a voice assistant. And that’s it - you can’t mute or turn up the volume, switch songs...

You can pause and resume playing music by removing and returning one headset to your ear. Another feature is that you can listen to one handset while the other is charging in the case. These are two very important things in use, Airdots 3 have these two functions…


As for the battery, already mentioned that the case has a huge capacity, as much as 600 mAh and gives 30 hours of music listening. Also, you can literally upgrade your smartphone to this emergency case. Admittedly, you will need a cable that has Type-C on both sides, but literally, this case can serve as a mini power bank. Each handset individually has a capacity of 43 mAh and gives 7 hours of listening.