Sony SCD-555ES

The basic circuit configuration is the same as that of the SCD 777 es and consists of an ACP system, an S-TACT pulse generator, a current pulse D/A converter, and a GIC analog low-pass filter.

Jul 9, 2023 - 11:22
Sony SCD-555ES


    Manufacturer: Sony
    Model: SCD-555ES
    Typ: SACD-Player
    Years of construction: 1999 - 2002
    Manufactured in: Japan
    Color: champagne, black
    Remote control: RM-SX 90
    Power consumption: 26W
    Dimensions: 430 x 125 x 375 mm (WxHxD)
    Weight: 12.5kg
    New price approx.: 3'900 DM (approx. 1995 €) 


    A number of inputs:
    Number of outputs: 4
        Line-out: ja
        coax digital output: yes
        opt. digital output: yes
        Phones: ja 

Technical specifications

    Playback formats:
        SACD: me
        CD: me
    Converter: 8 pcs./C-Pulse
    Frequency response: 2-100,000 Hz, +/- 0.3 dB
    Dynamikbereich: > 100 dB
    Signal-to-noise ratio: -
    Klirrfaktor: < 0,002 %
    Channel Separation: -
    Multi-channel support:
    SACD-Text: me
    CD-Text: yes
    MP3 support: no
    Pitch control:
    Automatic play: no
    Shuffle: yeah
    Repeat: yes
    Title programming: yes (99)


An ES series SACD player that inherits the design philosophy of high-end machines. The newly developed 1-lens 2-laser pickup is used for optical pickup.
This pickup is composed of a laser diode with an emission wavelength of 650 nm for SACD and a laser diode with an emission wavelength of 780 nm for CD. The lens system is shared, and the laser diode that emits light is switched according to the disc to be reproduced.
This pickup structure allows the entire pickup section to be designed smaller and the circuit to be simplified, thereby reducing the servo current that controls the lens section, which causes noise pollution.

The base unit that supports the optical pickup employs a newly developed high-rigidity drive unit. By increasing the rigidity, it is strong against external vibration, and the servo current is reduced.

A twin transformer configuration is used for the power supply. By separating the transformers for the audio system and the digital and control system, mutual interference between circuits is eliminated. The power supply transformer uses an R-core transformer with less magnetic flux leakage and vibration.

The chassis structure adopts an improved FB chassis.
The FB chassis uses metal material of sufficient strength and thickness, and the whole chassis is firmly consolidated as one box by combining it with the surrounding frame (Frame) and beam (Beam) passed in front and back.
In the improved FB chassis employed in the SCD 555 es, the beam and the rear panel chassis are not directly connected. Instead, they are connected by an inner chassis with the end of the beam inside, and then connected to the rear panel at a point contact point. This makes the tightening pressure applied from the beam to the rear panel uniform and effectively suppresses beam squeal.
In addition, triangular reinforcing plates have been newly installed at the joints between the front panel chassis and the side panel chassis.

We have adopted an eccentric insulator that uses copper plates at the junction with the chassis.
In addition to being an eccentric type, a vibration reduction effect is obtained by joining dissimilar metals.

AC inlet system is adopted. Uses a machined pin jack. Wireless remote control is included.