This laptop comes with external liquid cooling

Photo Credits : xmg / promo

The new XMG Neo 15 gaming laptop is going to be launched together with an external liquid cooling system designed to work in tandem with its built-in cooling options.

Now that’s cool gaming equipment

XMG announced this laptop at CES 2022, and it is supposed to come out in early 2022. When fully equipped, this configuration could match a number of the simplest gaming laptops, equipped with the new RTX 3080 Ti GPU, Intel Core i7-12700H series processor, and 64 GB of DDR5 RAM. Models with lower specifications (and slightly cheaper) also will be available. But we all know that these don’t seem to be the specifications that basically interest you – in fact, you would like to grasp more about external liquid cooling. Whichever version of the XMG Neo 15 you select, you’ll optionally purchase the XMG Oasis – an external device that will provide liquid cooling to your laptop.

Liquid cooling isn’t only a superb upgrade of the PC, but it’s a practical use that creates this an adjunct that you just might want to shop for. For starters, it’s generally much quieter than typical computer fans, especially when the PC is running at high loads, which could help solve the matter of most powerful laptops for games that sound sort of a reaction-propulsion engine. Additionally, since Oasis is intended to figure together with the present Neo 15 cooling system, it should allow the laptop to run at a lower temperature and, as a result, allow the components to run faster.

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XMG said that when they were testing the Oasis, the temperature of the Neo 15 graphics card dropped by 70° F, and also the laptop fans only had to run at about 50% of their maximum speed. If you prefer to hold your computer with you, the Oasis chassis 186 mm x 203 mm x 75 mm also means you’ll carry your upgraded setting. However, not all is sweet news. This add-on is only designed to go with the recent Neo 15 laptop, but there are plans to expand it to other models via an even connection within the future. It also implies that this cooling system probably won’t work along with your current laptop either – if you try a do-it-yourself solution there is a big chance that you will damage both Oasis and your laptop.

If you’re still inquisitive about buying Oasis, although the costs for XMG Oasis haven’t been confirmed yet, the corporate said that the worth of the optional supplement “will not exceed 230 dollars“. The XMG Neo 15, on the opposite hand, will cost you “around 2,900 dollars” for equipment consisting of an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU, a 16 GB DDR5-4800, and a 500 GB NVMe SSD. Both the laptop and therefore the cooling system are expected to be available for pre-sale from the middle of January, and they should be delivered sometime in mid-February.