5 reasons why the new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a rival to the Apple Watch

The new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smartwatch has a better screen, battery, and sports tracking to maintain a healthier and more active life.

5 reasons why the new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a rival to the Apple Watch

Photo Credits: Amazfit / promo

Amazfit has new smartwatches and the new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is one of the most advanced models of the brand that you can buy right now.

This premium smartwatch is powerful and easy to use, a watch that will try to compete against the Apple Watch and against other options in this world that are getting bigger and bigger and where cheap watches increasingly offer more advanced functions.

In the case of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, it has details that make it especially interesting for those who are looking for a watch with a good design and that goes with everything. Its round dial makes it more interesting if you want it to blend in well with your style.

It also has greater autonomy than previous versions, so you don't have to load it continuously.

A premium smartwatch for less than € 200

This is not a typo. This Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is an advanced, premium category watch that will cost you less than 200 euros even at its launch.

It goes on sale from November 3 in stores such as Amazon and the official price is 199.90 euros. In addition, shipping is totally free.

If you sign up for Amazon Prime you will have free shipping and fast delivery, so if you buy it today, the same day it is put on sale you will have it in your possession.

New AMOLED screen

The new screen of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is impressive. They have already achieved an AMOLED screen with Ultra HD resolution with a higher screen-to-body ratio.

The screen size is 1.45 inches in round format and the resolution is 480 x 480 pixels or 331 pixels per inch.

The protective glass is tempered glass with an anti-fingerprint coating and a 2.5D edge that creates a waterfall effect. 

Sports and health monitoring 24/7

Sport and health have become the most important reason to have one of these watches. It does not matter if you are a daily athlete or do some sport occasionally. Even if you just want a watch with smart functions, it will keep an eye on your health.

It has a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation, stress level, and breathing rate. With a single touch on the watch, you can know the state of your body

It can also track sleep, stress levels, and menstrual cycles.

For athletes, it is a good watch because it has monitoring of more than 150 sports modes, among which are 9 sports with intelligent recognition such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing or running, and walking indoors.

Classic crown design

The classic design of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is perfect for people looking for a smartwatch that can go with their style. Whether it is classic or if it is more urban or sporty.

It has standard 22mm interchangeable straps so you can choose from the thousands that you can buy in online stores.

There are two versions available, both in aluminum. One is in brown leather with a leather strap included and the other, more sporty, in black with a silicone strap.

In addition, it has more than 150 watch faces that you can customize for each moment of the day.

12-day autonomy

Autonomy is one of the strengths of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. They have managed to increase the performance of this watch up to 12 days with typical use.

This means that in two weeks you will not have to charge the watch even if you do sports outdoors using its GPS.

With a training mode and heavy use, the battery lasts around 6 days. If you use GPS continuously it will last about 35 hours.

Even if you decide to stretch the battery to the maximum in a low-power mode, the battery will last 30 days.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron