A whole new level of lighting: Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB

The Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB is the best job the manufacturer has done to date, a more complete unit than ever with an aggressive and unique design.

A whole new level of lighting: Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB

Photo Credits: Thermaltake / promo

The Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB is the best job the manufacturer has done to date, a more complete unit than ever with an aggressive and unique design thanks to its aluminum base in two heights that separates the secondary key area and adds a border 360 RGB that binds the whole key area.

But its quality is not only limited to the design since it includes the best Cherry MX gaming switches, the Speed ​​Silver. And next to them, a complete multimedia panel with a volume wheel and even an independent USB port and jack to connect headphones with microphone. Its full on-board function control with on-air macros integrates seamlessly with your own software.

Premium level design that does not lack anything

We begin the analysis of this Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB with the design and structure, which we can consider at a high-end level both for quality and differentiation from the competitors. And it is not for less with a keyboard that is solidly above 230 dollars.

The base of the keys consists of a solid 2 mm thick aluminum plate with a titanium gray finish with a smooth and shiny touch. In addition to its thickness, the second peculiarity is that it is presented in two heights or sections, exposed in the main key area, and going down to a second level to expose the secondary key block .

In this way, it acquires a more sophisticated style and somehow gives more relevance or visibility to the main keyboard. The second zone also with a black aluminum block for the purposes of distribution and row configuration will be exactly the same as on a normal keyboard, with its keys at the same height as the rest. A detail could not be missing such as the Thermaltake logo in the upper left corner with integrated lighting.

The Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB has the connection cable integrated in the front without the possibility of extraction. A fairly thick cable due to its wire mesh reinforcement and having three different connection ports .

  • USB For keyboard: it has the inscription of a keyboard in its socket, indicating that it will be the one that we must connect to make the keyboard work.
  • USB port integrated in the front: in the front area there is a USB 2.0 to connect peripherals or storage units, which will need an extra connection for your PC.
  • 3.5mm Jack: As with USB, the keyboard has a 4-pole jack connection to connect headphones and a microphone for better access than the tower.
Keycaps and multimedia keys

The keycaps used in this Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB are presented with a standard format and dimensions in a high-profile keyboard. Its keys will be made of ABS plastic instead of PBT which is what you would expect for its price. It will therefore be one of the few "buts" that we can put on this keyboard, although we trust that the double injection system will provide us with great durability.

They are keys with a notoriously concave surface to better fit our fingers, with a standardized ISO type distribution. The row configuration also uses a notable concavity, with the central area more sunken and the 1st and 5th rows more exit to improve its ergonomics in writing. The smooth finish in matte color will be very pleasant to the touch and ensure good grip.

Of special relevance will be the panel of multimedia keys located on the right side, on which the wide lateral metal wheel stands out that will allow us to control the volume or turn off the sound. On it, we have the multimedia controls, the Windows key block, game mode, and lighting power.

These are joined by a complete package of quick functions located on the row of "F" keys, of which part of them is in charge of lighting control. The two rows above the arrow keys allow you to select up to 6 configuration profiles stored in the internal memory of the keyboard. Two interesting combinations will be Fn + W to toggle WASD with arrow keys and Fn + PrcSrc to record macros on the air.

Cherry MX Speed Silver switches

Thermaltake regularly uses Cherry MX switches for their keyboards, and this Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB will be no exception. It will be available in the purest gaming version with the Cherry MX Speed ​​Silver and a more balanced version with the Cherry MX Blue.

These switches will be unique in their series, being the model with the shortest activation travel in the Cherry catalog at only 1.2 mm, only surpassed by its low profile version. They ensure the best reaction speed thanks to an actuation force of 45g and maintain safety against false pulsations with wide travel of 3.4 mm .

The writing experience will undoubtedly be very good, although perhaps for office applications where typing is used they will be too sensitive to activation. It's all a matter of getting used to, and during the editing of this article using the keyboard, we have quickly become accustomed to it by using almost the entire travel with each press.

The lighting system integrated into the Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB can be managed directly from the unit or through software. It will be compatible with Razer Chroma in addition to the brand's own iTake software, so the customization possibilities increase.

Control software

We will focus on the TT iTake Engine software that allows configuring this Thermaltake ARGENT K5 RGB. We will get it from the support section, being compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 without problems.

The interface has a simple and direct presentation on a black background, with a keyboard diagram with interactive elements. The upper area condenses the 6 operating profiles available to store, and just below the control sections and a panel on the left to manage these profiles.

From the first we can customize the function of each of the keys, being able to choose from a wide range such as macros, access to applications, multimedia functions, or keyboard shortcuts. The next section will be entirely dedicated to the recording and storage of macros.

The third includes everything that has to do with lighting, being able to manage the edge and the key area separately. In the effects drop-down, we find these two sections separately, as well as a third that applies to both simultaneously. Each of the effects has a range of specific options, for example, some of them allow you to individually modify each key or zone, while others only allow you to modify the trajectory or speed.


This keyboard shows everything that Thermaltake has learned with the previous models until it delivers one of the best gaming keyboards on the market. Its original design lets you see it, with a thick asymmetric two-level aluminum plate that divides the keyboard areas in a very original way.

A powerful lighting system both on the keys and on the entire edge could not be missing, independently manageable and with individual addressing for LEDs. In its full format, there is room for a good multimedia panel, a large number of functions through keyboard shortcuts, and dedicated connections such as the USB port and the audio jack.

You can buy this product on Newegg for $ 230.