Again! This is chaos! #instagramdown

Again! This is chaos! #instagramdown

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The situation with Instagram is slowly looking chaotic.

Let’s start from the beginning. Instagram is a beautiful social network, has many users, people like to spend time there. Instagram publishes new features every month or two. Filters are beautiful, a little creepy because people love themselves with filters. Instagram has changed the reality.

Influencers are now famous and they changed the value system. They have gained the trust of their followers and selling them anything. This affected the whole system. Today, influencers are the best marketing solution for companies.

Influencers make a lot, Instagram is no longer just a social network, many people live from having an Instagram profile. We also have the profession of influencer and various courses. Instagram wants a profit system. All this is becoming much more serious.

Instagram has also become a marketplace, you can easily buy a product that you like right on Instagram. Most people now have Instagram tied up with online cards. People invest in their Instagram profiles because they want to make money.

Censorship has become too much, users don’t like it, some people have stopped using Instagram because they don’t have freedom of speech on it.

Maybe it would fix the situation if these were announced things. Arranging the platform, improving, everything that is needed is normal, but how can we continue to trust someone who takes us for granted?

We spend too much life on Instagram. They buy us with fake looks and values. When we will decide that it is enough? We are controlled by platforms, people do not recognize themselves. It’s time for smart decisions and you want the social network to be stable.

Our treasure is our data.

This wouldn’t have happened if people had not shown absolute trust and dependence on social networks. People are able to hold the phone for 10 hours and browse the video. It is good to have information, but you can’t return spent time. People are unhappy, there is a lot of negative speech on social networks, that’s why terrible things happen. It should be limited to children.

Just look at what the younger generations look like and think today, they have no goals. They look at a luxury that is often fake and they just want it.

The last time Instagram was down for a few hours, people felt a crisis.

They had crises, they tried to get into their account too many times. Many then realized how much Instagram has an impact on them and started with 30 days of detox from social networks.

We stopped counting the falls. It doesn’t matter anymore. Our biggest problem is security.

No one is safe on the internet. Unfortunately, we accepted that. What happens to our data when we do not have access to it, what if we have organized our work? Why no warning?

When will we leave the platform?

Do some other platforms have potential?

Finally, these are just some of the questions we need to ask ourselves...

Maybe next year will remind us what true values are.