Bitcoin scored the highest price ever

On a wave of optimism and fairly active trading of the first ETF fund, the value of the world's largest cryptocurrency is at record levels

Bitcoin scored the highest price ever

Photo Credits: Aleksi Räisä | Unsplash

The first fund to invest in futures contracts related to bitcoin began trading this week. This news was accompanied by a great interest in the fund, so on the first day on the New York Stock Exchange, it recorded a turnover of about one billion dollars, with an increase in value of about 4%. The increase in the value of something that invests in "bets" on the future price of bitcoin, as expected, pushed up the price of bitcoin itself, so it continued with the upward trend as seen in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, October 20, bitcoin was traded at prices around, and even above, the highest price ever. The current record is over $ 66,200 for one bitcoin.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron