Corsair announces upcoming Vengeance DDR5 memory modules

Photo Credits : Intel

Intel’s 12th generation Core processor is expected in about a month, and this will be the first processor to support DDR5 memory. As the announcement of the processor approaches, memory manufacturers are starting to manufacture and display their DDR5 memory modules. Among them is the new Corsair Vengeance DDR5 series.

Although Corsair has not released the specifications of its upcoming DDR5 memory modules, the design of the heat conductors has been shown. The new Vengeance modules share some similarities with previous DDR4 memory modules. In addition to Vengeance DDR5 memory, Corsair is expected to introduce the Dominator DDR5 series of modules.

We are expected to find out more details about the specifications of Corsair’s upcoming DDR5 memory after Intel announces its new processors.

Based on the JEDEC standard, Corsair DDR5 modules should offer at least 4800 MT / s @ 1.1V, but higher clocks with higher voltage are also expected. Vengeance memories should target the lower and middle segments of the gaming system, while Dominator modules will be aimed at the higher market segment.

By: Amber V. – Zexron