Find Out How the Great Technology Giants Got Their Names!

Sometimes it is desirable to go back in the past in order to better form the impression of their present greatness.

Find Out How the Great Technology Giants Got Their Names!

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The most popular devices in the world are certainly smartphones, and in this text, we will tell you how the manufacturers of these devices got their names.

Big technology companies have built their reputation over the years to be what they are today.

If history had gone in a different direction, Google would've had a different name, while some other companies might not even exist. A strong reputation cannot come without a recognizable name, which is the main reason why one brand stands out from other companies with similar characteristics.

Once the name is built, it is easier to reach potential customers, so you should not be surprised that all these companies have a large number of users. So let's get started!


You probably know that this company originates from Finland, but what many do not know is that this company did not have its start in the field of telephones, but was originally engaged in producing and distributing various types of paper. Nokia is named after the eponymous city located in the south of Finland, where the Nokianvirta river is located. 


Although the word Google itself didn't mean anything at first, there is an interesting story behind it. Google search creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on the name of their project, which was then called "BackRub", back in 1996 (two years before the site was launched). Then they turned to the name Google, which is in fact the incorrectly pronounced word Googol, which is the mathematical name for number one, followed by a string of 100 zeros. The term Googol was first used by the American mathematician Edward Kasner in 1938.


Since we are already in Silicon Valley, it's time for Apple. Legend has it, ie the biography of Steve Jobs, that he was on a fruit diet when he returned from the apple farm and came up with the name that he thought would sound "fun, spiritual and not scary at all".


It is logical that the next on the list will be Apple's biggest competitor. The name of this company in Korean means "three stars", which explains the name for the premium models "Galaxy". The name was chosen by the company's founder Li Byung-chul, and the idea was for Samsung to one day become powerful and last forever, like stars in the sky. From this perspective, we can say that they succeeded!


Although LG has decided to pull back from the smartphone industry, their name still lives on. Some may think it means "Life's Good", as they have often advertised their products with this saying, but that is not the case. The GoldStar company was founded five years after the end of the Korean War and has always been an electronics company. It also has a sister company, Lak-Hui, that is, "Lucky", and thus "Lucky GoldStar", ie LG was created. Today, LG does not use these names, and their acronym does not represent anything, reports PhoneArena.


A relatively new player in the smartphone market was founded in Taiwan, and the name comes from Greek mythology and the winged horse Pegasus (Pegasus), hence the Zenfone Pegasus series. Asus points out that the name "embodies the strength, purity and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature." The myth says that Zeus turned this mythological creature into the constellation Pegasus.


The company was founded in a small apartment in the Chinese city of Shenzhen and initially sold telecommunications equipment. Later, Huawei developed and manufactured such equipment itself, until they received a contract from the local government in the early 1990s to provide telecom equipment to the People's Liberation Army. The founder of that company, Ren Zengfei, revealed that the name Huawei originated from the slogan on the Chinese wall "Zhonghua youwei", which means "China can" or "China promises".


Xiaomi first introduced its mobile device in 2011 to mean "millet" (a grain used to make flour and alcoholic beverages), while Lei Jun, the company's president, points out that "Xiao" comes from the Buddhist concept and the saying "one-grain rice is bigger than the whole mountain ". This suggests that the motto of that company was that one small company could grow into a big technology giant.

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