Galahad water cooling now with three Uni-Fan fans

Photo Credits : Lian Li / promo

Lian Li’s complete water cooling systems from the Galahad series are now available with up to three Uni Fan SL120s. The PWM-controlled fans have pin contacts and are connected to one another via a connector system so that they no longer have to be connected individually. A total of two cables are required to connect the 120 mm fans.

Photo Credits: Caseking

Quiet against turbulence

The Galahad AIOs have a three-chamber design; the CPU block consists of a chamber for the cooling plate, a connection chamber, and a pump chamber. This is intended to counteract turbulence inside the cooler; according to the manufacturer, the system also enables a low pump operating noise of 20 dB (A) at full speed.

The features of the Lian Li Galahad SL are:

  • AIO water cooling with a 240 mm or 360 mm radiator
  • Up to three Uni-Fan SL120 fans
  • ARGB lighting
  • Aluminum radiator with a depth of 27 mm
  • Three-chamber pump design and PWM fan
  • Fan and pump or cooler with addressable RGB lighting
  • Extensive compatibility with sockets from AMD and Intel
  • Mounting kit for LGA 1700 (Alder Lake)
  • Sleeved hose with a length of 400 mm
  • Available in black and white

The ARGB lighting is connected using 3-pin RGB (5 volts). It is controlled with the enclosed controller; It is also possible to synchronize the lighting with the entire setup using the mainboard software.

The CPU cooler can be rotated to adapt to the respective installation location. Under the removable, magnetic lid of the cooler, there is a Lian-Li logo, which is supposed to support the luminosity of the RGB effects.

The 240 mm version of the Galahad SL costs around 160 euros, the 360 ​​mm version costs around 190 euros.