HONOR MagicBook X 15 - Beautiful and high quality

When it came to the laptop market in the middle of 2020, HONOR caused a great deal of confusion, especially in the local market.

HONOR MagicBook X 15 - Beautiful and high quality

Photo Credits: Huawei / promo

When it came to the laptop market in the middle of 2020, HONOR caused a great deal of confusion, especially in the local market where the projected quantities were looted in pre-sale. After the Chinese company returned to the smartphone market, the next logical step is to return to the laptop market. They just did that with the MagicBook X 15. What kind of device is it and what can customers expect?

Companie HONOR is not limited to smartphones. To the great satisfaction of users, laptops are reappearing on the market, specifically the MagicBook X 15 model. Buyers can only rejoice at the increase in competition, both because of the elections and because of the price wars, at least in theory.

A captivating design

The new MagicBook X 15 arrives in a truly extraordinary edition that combines elegance and finishing quality in an exceptional way worthy of modern fashion designers. The laptop has clean surfaces, is made entirely of aluminum, and a thickness of only 16.9 mm and a weight of 1.56 kilograms illustrate these words in the best way, especially if we keep in mind that it is a 15.6-inch laptop. The aesthetic impression does not end when the lid is opened, moreover, it is enhanced by the presence of FullView screens with extremely thin edges, and it is more than clear that the manufacturer has transferred rich experience from the mobile phone screen segment to the concept of its laptop.

The keyboard and touchpad are great, although we would like to have slightly larger surfaces for which there is room on the 15.6-inch case. The stroke of the buttons is large enough for comfortable tapping, and the movements of the fingers over the touchpad are very smooth, while the system is extremely responsive, which results in a great impression of work. Two things combine aesthetic impression and functionality are key for inclusion in the integrated fingerprint sensor to have signed one-touch, as well as a Web camera, which is really the key in the top row of function keys between F6 and F7, and "calls" pressing.

In terms of hardware, HONOR has decided to position its MagicBook X 15 as a basic level mainstream device, which is tailored to meet certain standards but is aimed at the broadest layers of customers. What does it mean? Each MagicBook X 15 comes with Windows 10 Home, for starters. It doesn’t have any brutal processors, but it has great S-Blade cooling with a large fan. It doesn't offer a handful of memory or a huge SSD capacity, but the 256 GB SSD is actually a fast NVMe model thanks to which the system will fly. The 8 GB system memory is quite satisfactory for this class. The i3-10110U processor is sufficient for basic tasks, and the screen supports TÜV Rheinland certificates in the absence of flicker and low blue light emission for a better working atmosphere.

Whether you use it for office or personal use, a very useful add-on comes in the form of PC Manager software with support for HONOR MagicLink. It makes it easier to control the basic parameters of the computer by combining them in one place, but also brings wireless synchronization with a smartphone, so you can connect the device and play music from the phone, view contacts, reply to messages, and generally use a mirror image of your mobile phone on your laptop, which is great for many applications. The 42 Wh battery delivers nearly seven hours of operation, and the 65 W fast charger is able to charge 70 percent of the battery capacity in an hour.