Indoor bike as a controller for video games

Riding a stationary bike will never be boring with a Capti bike again.

Indoor bike as a controller for video games

Photo Credits: Expresso Fitness / promo

The California company Expresso Fitness offers the Capti exercise bike, which allows you to watch real-time passage through different areas while riding with the screen in front of you so that your training ride is less boring.

You already have several such exercise bikes on the market, but Expresso Fitness has added a large library of video games based on your pedaling and bike riding videos that sync with the ride.

When Capti is in interactive mode, turning will result in turning in a virtual environment, and the speed of your pedaling will be reflected in the driving of your avatar, or the character you control in the game. In addition, when you climb or descend a hill in the game, the resistance in the pedals will adapt to these conditions, and all this will affect the speed, which means that manual gear changes will make it easier to climb or increase the resistance of the flywheel. so you can drive faster on virtual flat sections of tracks or roads.

“Sensors within the bike system monitor a variety of factors such as steering angle, pedal rotation rhythm, and flywheel resistance 50 times per second, adjusting performance to on-screen developments and the bike itself as needed,” Expresso Fitness said in a press release.

As for embedded games that use Capti as a controller to control gameplay, they are said to contain 3D- level graphics and are made using the Unreal Engine Epic Games.

We don't know if there are games in the offer where you need to run over something (someone) or horror survival titles where you need to escape from hungry zombies.

The Capti bike has a steel and anodized aluminum frame that weighs 79 kg and can support riders weighing up to 159 kg. It can be pre-ordered for $ 2,495, and deliveries are expected in December this year.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron