Lost Ark after release: what’s in starter packages?

Photo Credits : Smilegate / Promo

The Diablo-like MMO Lost Ark has now been launched in the Free2Play version. If you still want to start the adventure with a full inventory, you can also buy one of three starter packs at the beginning. The developers have now presented the Apprentice, Explorer, and Destroyer package to match the release. We give a brief overview of the corresponding starter packages.

With Amazon’s new free MMORPG Lost Ark, some paid starter packs have also been released that come up with different features. These packages range in price between 20 and 65 dollars. The apprentice starter package is one of them and, at around 20 dollars, the cheapest. With this, you get a “crystalline aura” for 30 days, which provides many small buffs and player simplifications. In addition, buyers will receive a support chest, which is intended to support new players. Among them are in-game currency, 30 resurrection feathers, a collector’s toolbox, and a starter equipment box. There are also additional equipment chests for certain ascents. All these advantages also apply to the other two starter packages.

The Explorer and Annihilator Starter Packs

The second starter package is called Explorer and costs around 35 dollars. It includes all of the previous perks, plus some cosmetic items. Below that is an Achatemiau Pet Choice Chest, which allows players to get one of four variants of the pet. If you want to be on a mount right away, you will also receive a Dyorika Warhorse with this bundle. The explorer starter pack also provides the player with another character expansion slot for their own game account.

The most expensive starter package is called Destroyer and can be purchased for around 65 dollars. It includes all the perks of the first two packages. In addition, players will receive 2,100 crystals (in-game currency for cosmetic items, mounts, pets, etc.). If you want to change the appearance of your own character in the course of the game, you can do this with a change ticket, which is also included in the package. The Vanquisher Starter Pack also provides the player with a Legendary Relationship Gift Selection Chest, which grants a legendary item otherwise only obtained by building a high level of relationship with an NPC. As a final perk, an Alar Skin Chest awaits players with this bundle. Each class gets a special Alar skin.

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