Meghan and Kate Middleton are arranging a project on Netflix!

Photo Credits : Profimedia

Although there has been talking for some time of strained relations among members of the royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle seem to be closer than ever, judging by the statements of sources from the castle.

According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, the Duchess’ are considering collaborating for Netflix.

“Meghan and Kate actually get along very well and are in frequent contact. Meghan talked to her about collaborating on a project for Netflix, a documentary that will highlight Kate’s charity work and the huge impact she has left with her philanthropy,” the source said.

Kate is reportedly delighted and flattered by Meghan’s offer and believes it is a step in the right direction towards building a stronger relationship with her sister-in-law.

Recall, Prince Harry and Meghan signed a contract with Netflix last year and agreed to produce exclusive content, including documentaries, movies, and shows for children and adults.

By: Angelica W. – Gossip Whispers