MICROSOFT COMPLETELY CHANGES WINDOWS: The new OS will be able to be used from anywhere via Cloud support

Photo Credits : MICROSOFT

During the company’s Inspire conference, Microsoft announced a special version of Windows 11 – Windows 365, also called Cloud PC.

Windows 365 is a Cloud version that will cost a seasonal subscription — monthly, yearly, or perennial, as is now the case with the Office 365 suite.

By accessing the Cloud service, because a special version of Windows 11 will be available non-stop via virtual machines, the user will be able to access his operating system, practically his computer, from anywhere on the planet where there is an adequate internet connection.

This version of Windows OS is especially interesting for business users, who need access to business files anytime, anywhere, even when they don’t have their PC on hand.

Microsoft promises the so-called enterprise level of security in several steps and special business policies, which will enable secure access to the Cloud PC. This system also solves a large number of problems of IT departments of large companies and corporations, facilitates setup, enables the use of the most modern hardware, but also reduces maintenance costs.

By: Angelica W. – Gossip Whispers