Musk’s Supercharger will charge cars from other manufacturers

Photo Credits : Tesla / promo

As promised earlier this year, Tesla is expanding access to its Supercharger electric car chargers to non-Musk vehicle models.

Tesla has launched a pilot test project of Supercharger charging stations at 10 locations in the Netherlands, where every user will be able to charge their car with the help of the Tesla application.

In addition to this, Tesla has put on sale these days a ” non-Tesla port ” for charging electric cars, which allows you to quickly charge electric cars at home.

Whether Tesla’s Supercharger chargers, which will be compatible with cars from other manufacturers, will expand around the world will depend only on their popularity after testing in the Netherlands. If Musk and the team smell that it could become a lucrative business for them, don’t be surprised if you will soon be able to charge your electric car (which is not Tesla) at the Supercharger charging station near you.

By: Amber V. – Zexron