New unofficial information about the next Crash Bandicoot game has come out

Photo Credits : Activision / promo

The latest leak for the Crash Bandicoot franchise concerns the next game that Activision originally planned to release in October this year, but, according to the leaker, they canceled those plans and postponed the game.

Unfortunately, leaker Matt Romano did not share more information on Twitter except that the game is called Wumpa League and that it was planned to go out in this period even before Crash 4. Romano also shared a picture of the timeline and plans that Activision had for Crash:

“Wumpa League is planned for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch and was supposed to be beta testing for the game this summer (…) The game contains 16 characters and 13 maps” – stated in the second tweet of the Crash Bandicoot Clubhouse profile, which further completes the image of the new version of Crash Bash, which is certainly the inspiration for the Wumpa League. Now this new game doesn’t have a clear future, nor do we have an approximate release date, but it’s increasingly certain that such a genre is the future and the next Crash game.

By: Amber V. – Zexron