NVIDIA Game Ready now supports Elden Ring

Feb 15, 2022 - 13:09
NVIDIA Game Ready now supports Elden Ring

Obviously, NVIDIA is completely aware that Elden Ring is no longer one of the most important releases of February, let alone the entire year. Expected since 2019, and with George RR Martin's great signing, there is little reason to doubt that the high expectations that have been built up over the years will not be satisfied. On the contrary, based on what we know so far (although we no longer hold our breath for a launch), it appears that it will finally be a fantastic game.

Only a few weeks ago, it entered the Gold phase, i.e., the final version ready for distribution. NVIDIA has given its consumers some very excellent news today.

NVIDIA has published a new version of its Game Ready drivers compatible with Elden Ring just a few days before the game's release. As you might expect, this implies that gamers using an RTX 30 or RTX 30 series graphics adapter will be able to employ NVIDIA DLSS, the artificial intelligence-based picture resampling system, which allows gamers to create smaller frames and subsequently increase their size without losing image quality.

On the contrary, thanks to the refining of its AI algorithms and their training, the image has nothing on the rendered image, which is rendered at full scale but with a large portion of the burden offloaded to the GPU. task. As a result of this technology, we will be able to achieve a higher frame rate per second without sacrificing quality.

However, Elden Ring isn't the only game that will be able to take advantage of DLSS thanks to the new NVIDIA Game Ready drivers. This is the list of games for which this new version adds support:

  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human : Activate DLSS to boost your performance. Global lighting, sun shadows, reflections, and ray-traced ambient occlusion are all included in the DLSS and RTX combination.
  • Martha is Dead : It will be available starting February 24 and will contain ray traced shadows and reflections, ensuring high graphic quality without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - DLSS improves performance by up to 45% at the most demanding graphics settings, allowing users with a GeForce RTX 3060 or better to play games at 4K and over 60 FPS.
  • SCP: Pandemic – Coming on February 22, it will improve performance by up to 90% at 4K resolution if DLSS is enabled, allowing any GeForce RTX card to exceed 100 FPS.
  • Shadow Warrior 3 : Scheduled for March 1, it will arrive with DLSS.
  • Sifu : Improve your performance by up to 45% with DLSS, allowing all GeForce RTX card users to play games at 4K and over 100 FPS and the most demanding graphics settings.
  • Supraland Six Inches Under : It will improve its performance by up to 65% thanks to DLSS, allowing all users with RTX GPUs to play at more than 60 FPS and 4K resolution.

With this latest upgrade, NVIDIA Game Ready now supports DLSS in over 150 titles, a number that will certainly expand in the coming months.