Overview: MSI MPG VELOX 100R case

Controller can be connected to a motherboard that has the power to control the effects from the Mystic Light software, for example.

Overview: MSI MPG VELOX 100R case

Photo Credits: MSI/Promo

We start with the name MSI MPG VELOX 100R. The Taiwanese brand has been using VELOX in its gaming configurations for several months. We had to wait a few months to finally see how VELOX 100R, as well as VELOX 100P AIRFLOW, arrive on the market.

These two boxes come from the MPG range, which is MSI’s high-end segment. They come to join their little brothers and sisters, among whom are the Gungnir, the Sekira, or the Quietude.

VELOX100R is a version with a tempered glass front VELOX 100P, the latter having a mesh front.

A case that at first glance does not inspire confidence

A huge box, when taken out you will be surprised by the amount of tempered glass. At first glance, the fear of breaking the side door into 1000 pieces, but above all the fear of too restrictive airflow.

We can ask ourselves about the efficiency of the fan, when placed right behind the glass. Indeed, this generally leads to poor component cooling. Enclosures with a mesh front have proven themselves in recent years and have superior airflow. When we use this term, we mean the capacity of the valve, in terms of heat dissipation.

Indeed, we have long had to choose between aesthetics or optimal airflow. Can we now benefit from both at the same time?

By removing the front, there are three 120 mm fans that look well-suited for lateral air intake. Although three 120 mm fans are installed, they can be replaced with three 140 mm ones.

MSI MPG VELOX 100R: RGB housing, capable of illuminating your room at night

Speaking of the fans that come with the case, we have four in total. The material for them is flexible plastic. They have atypical, slightly honeycomb textures and milky white colors. Thanks to this choice, addressable LEDs will be better seen. In this way, a light atmosphere can be created in two ways.

Or use the button on the top of the box. In addition, the fans are already connected to an aRGB controller attached to the back of the case. Also, the controller can be connected to a motherboard that has the power to control the effects from the Mystic Light software, for example.

Front of the case

When the backplate is removed, there is a knot bag. And it has three interesting components:

  • aRGB controller that allows you to connect eight peripherals.
  • We can easily place a 3.5“ hard drive under the power cover in a plastic tray. We can also put two 2.5″ drives if we want. It is possible to unscrew this small cage to slide it sideways.
  • The box is also equipped with two small shelves that you have to move to take them out. Then we screw our disk to the stand and we can hang it on the box.
Particularly successful “top panel”

Before you dive inside the case, let’s take a brief tour of the top panel. I think this is the best designed part of the case. Thus we find:

First of all, we present you the famous LED button: it can change color effects with a brief press. If pressed for a long time, we switch to software control mode if the controller is connected to the motherboard. Finally, even longer pressing allows us to turn everything off.

  • USB-C 3.2 “Gen 2 × 2” port.
  • We also benefit from two USB 3.2 “Gen 1” ports.
  • Next accessory: magnetic dust filter.
  • Of course, we find headphones jacks and a microphone.
  • Finally, we have the elements of the front panel, namely the power LED, HDD LED, reset button and finally the power button.