Reddit introduces new mobile app features

Reddit introduces new mobile app features

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The popular Reddit has finally brought the "Discover" section to its Android and iOS app to make it easier to search and bring up topics of your interest.

A popular "platform" for finding solutions to problems or doubts, "Reddit" introduces innovations when it comes to mobile applications. To simplify, if you are logged in (and you don't have to be) within the Reddit app, you'll see a new section (new field - item) Discover, something similar to Instagram and it's a feed (wall).

Where current topics are simply presented, Reddit will be based on "your" interests. To identify and provide content within the Discover feature you need to be logged in to a Reddit account and if you are not logged in then Reddit will give you current topics and subtopics that according to the number of views and communications are current in a certain period of time.

The goal of this Discover section is to further personalize the content that the user watches and uses on Reddit, and its leader Jason Costa states that Reddit gives this activity additional impetus to solve problems for the masses.

And also that even simpler users go through the large opus that Reddit has, it offers users to use. We must say that this scheme has potential because it brings before the user depending on the monitoring of user content individually.

As we have said so far, the Discover card is available exclusively on Android and iOS applications of mobile platforms. And according to Reddit, there is a possibility in the future that Discover will come to the Desktop version of this popular platform.

If you are using Reddit then you have already noticed the new card within the apps if you have not then you will notice the same in the next few days. So get your hands on your smartphones and explore the Discover feature.

Because all this is in order to make it as easy as possible to use and search Reddit. We have to admit that this is a "major upgrade" after a long time and it remains to be seen how users themselves will react to the novelty.

We have no doubt that Reddit will be the main place for exchanging opinions and views at this time, especially the Reddit application for Android and iOS. Because we really can’t say what awaits us in the period ahead.

Don't wait long if you don't download the Reddit app, or if you already have Reddit on your smartphone, then check the availability of the update via the Android app store - Play Store or iOS - App Store.

Finally, we must express our surprise that it took Reddit so long to incorporate anything like this on its sites because Discover may be thought of as a "search engine" for a wide range of content.