Reservoir's new Kanister watch is a tribute to the freedom of the 1950s

Reservoir's new Kanister watch is a tribute to the freedom of the 1950s. It is inspired by the Porsche 356 Speedster of that decade.

Reservoir's new Kanister watch is a tribute to the freedom of the 1950s

Photo Credits: Reservoir / promo

There is no doubt that the pair of cars and watches is a constant in the industry. A minefield of examples where sometimes some brands manage to stand out for their different, interesting, and purposeful proposal. This is the case of Reservoir, the French firm that is inspired by the measuring instruments of cars: speedometers, rev counters, and fuel gauges.


Its latest release is Kanister, a model that recreates the speedometer of the Porsche 356 Speedster from the 1950s. A super collectible car that is the forerunner of the iconic 911. The Speedster is known for its small and light handling. This Reservoir has translated into a grade 5 titanium case with a polished finish to match the chrome accents of the Speedster. The black dial contrasts with striking green minute markers. There is a red section between 45-50 and white hands. Finally, the nod to the Speedster's bucket seats is clearly visible on its strap. A model that pays tribute to the spirit of freedom of the 1950s.

The details on the dial reveal the retro-cool look of this timepiece. The section of the six green lines in the retrograde are painted by hand and the strap required five prototypes before achieving the perfect bracelet in size and ergonomics. On this watch, Reservoir opts for a diameter of 41.5mm (generally its watches are 43mm). In its intention, to conquer female wrists as well and turn it into a unisex watch.

What sets Reservoir apart from other brands that are inspired by legendary cars is that it focuses on the dashboards of the cars. In addition, it insists on uniting both worlds with its identity signs to give legitimacy to its proposal. For this reason, its dials always have a very particular look with the characteristic retrograde minutes of Reservoir and the display of jumping hours.

In addition, its designs and movements are patented. Its gauge is a 124 component custom module based on a core ETA 2824 gauge, which is known for its reliability. And as a final touch the name of the watch.

Young and consolidated

The reservoir was born in 2017. Its ace up its sleeve is a French design and Swiss manufacturing spiced up with two complications that are the DNA of the house inspired by dashboards and measuring instruments. One is retrograde minutes reminiscent of RPM counters, gauges, and depth gauges. The second is the jumping hour that is inspired by the mileage meters. Additionally, a power reserve at six o'clock echoes the fuel and oil gauges.

The Reservoir world encompasses three worlds that its CEO and founder, François Moreau, is passionate about, the automobile, aeronautics, and the underwater universe. All of them recall an era in which precision instruments were at the service of humanity. A time when the pulse quickened and adrenaline ran through the pilot's veins on trips that demanded courage and high performance.

All models are equipped with a patented, custom 124-component watch module associated with an ETA-2824 movement. In just a few years, Reservoir distributes in more than 20 countries and its pieces have been nominated at the GPHG between 2018 and 2021. This year it also participated for the first time in the Only Watch philanthropic auction, precisely with a unique version of Kanister.

Version for Only Watch with palladium case and three leather straps.