Samsung Galaxy Active 2 - Focused on sports

This smartwatch comes with 4 GB ROM and 768 MB RAM, enough for the clock to work, but the number of applications could be limited by storage...

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 - Focused on sports

Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

This watch lives between a sporty and casual living with a very modern design without too much detail on the outside. You are immediately greeted by a large 1.4” AMOLED screen with very attractive colors and high brightness, visible in almost all conditions, except the midday summer sun. The watch comes in two sizes, with a 40 and 44 mm case and a silicone strap.

The frame of the watch is made of steel and has a matte gray design in our model, but it comes in several colors. The underside of the watch has a glass finish and consists only of a heart rate monitor and an oximeter that measures oxygen in the blood. But the watch can do more than that because it has options for measuring ECG to monitor heart rate, as well as measuring blood pressure. We could not train the ECG and blood pressure on the Active2 model while working on the Watch3 watch, and they could appear here in the upcoming update, given that they are announced in advertising materials, and are implemented in hardware.

The Active 2 model also got rid of the physical rotating bezel, but the complete Tizen watch system remained the same. While, of course, you can move with it by swiping, a digital border is implemented and sliding along the edge of the touchscreen gives you the same effect as turning the edge on the Watch3 model. This way you can quickly go through all the shortcuts with daily data, find the right sport to measure, or go through menus and applications.

The watch, as we have already mentioned, uses Tizen OS from Samsung. This model also uses the same chipset as the Watch3, the Exynos 9110 with two Cortex A53 cores and the Mali-T720 graphics chip, which ensure flicker-free operation. A significant difference is the smaller amount of memory and this watch comes with 4 GB ROM and 768 MB RAM, enough for the clock to work, but the number of applications could be limited by storage.

The system has its own Samsung app store where you will find a large selection of both well-known and interesting applications. Of course, a good thing is the large selection of third-party watches so that you can personalize the watch to your own taste. A lot of settings can be adjusted directly from the mobile application itself, which is definitely another plus of the whole system.

The app gives you daily reports on movement, calories and similar information with which you can monitor your health, as well as all the exercises you have done, whether the watch automatically recognized them or you set them targeted. For exercises, the watch has seven that it recognizes and triggers, while the rest you will have to choose for yourself.

The more specific the exercises, the more often the system monitors only the heart rate, so if there is no specific exercise, such as rollerblading in our case, choose a similar exercise such as running to at least have GPS information stored.