Technics RS-B965 Stereo Cassette Deck

Technics RS-B965 Stereo Cassette Deck

Photo Credits: KP/Promo

The Technics RS-B965 is a stereo cassette deck with double Dolby B/C, HX-Pro, and DBX noise reduction. It was released in 1990 with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of USD $700 and was discontinued three years later in 1993.

The Technics RS-B965 has three heads and off-tape monitoring, a digital linear tape counter with four digits and memory stop, automatic tape type selection, and the ability to handle regular, chrome, and metal tapes, and dual capstan transport.

The cassette compartment is positioned on the left side of the deck, as is typical for a front-loading cassette deck. Tape loading/unloading is motorized, and the cassette must be inserted in the cassette well with the side to be played facing forward.

The RS-level B965 meters are generic digital peak reading meters. The RS-full-logic B965's transport controls allow it to respond to the slightest finger contact for quick and easy transport function selection.

Prior to recording, bias and sensitivity can be adjusted to optimal levels to ensure the best response from the broad variety of cassettes available.

The RS-Dolby B965's C-type provides 20 dB of noise reduction above around 1,000 Hz, more than twice the amount provided by B-type. The Dolby HX PRO system uses accurate bias control while recording to decrease distortion and increase linearity in the high-frequency band, resulting in recordings that are extremely faithful to the original. The RS-three-head B965's arrangement necessitates the use of a Double Dolby system, one for recording and one for playback.

The Dbx Type II noise reduction system featured in the RS-B965 is a reduced version of the Type I noise reduction system. The dbx Type II system was created for use with systems with restricted bandwidth, such as cassette recorders, and it also employs a simple 2:1:2 compander to decrease noise.

The 19kHz multiplex pilot signal inherent in FM stereo transmissions can cause the noise reduction mechanism to be falsely triggered. The RS-switchable B965's MPX filter removes the pilot signal, ensuring correct Dolby processing of FM stereo programming.

A jack connector for a set of stereo headphones is included for uninterrupted listening. An RCA cable can be used to connect to other audio components for playback, and an RCA cable can be used to record from a source. With wireless remote control, you can issue all of the main transport commands remotely.