Samsung introduces new Exynos chipsets

South Korean Samsung will present a new generation of chipsets to the world in a few days.

Samsung introduces new Exynos chipsets

Photo Credits: Samsung

South Korean Samsung will present a new generation of chipsets to the world in a few days. As things stand now, there will be three models that will be closely related to the middle price range. Of course, now many of you will say that Samsung not so long ago introduced chipsets intended for the middle price range and you are of course right there. It is a model Exynos 1080 and it was made through a 5nm production process.

The mentioned production process (5nm) will also be represented in the next generation of Exynos chipsets, but of course with more advanced and significant capabilities and features.

If rumors are to be believed Samsung will introduce the Exynos 1280. What confused us on the one hand, we can freely say, are the allegations that the Exynos 1280 will be "weaker" than the 1080 chipset. While others deny it. Let's leave the allegations aside and say that in addition to the 1280 models, Samsung will also present two other "brothers", and these are similar models in the range from the rival Snapdragon 780G. Of course, rumors say that the presented models will be exclusively for the middle price range, ie for the Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones.

It remains to be seen whether more will be said about the models for the next Galaxy S22 series in the coming days. Although we recently wrote about them on our site. What we want to say within this text and it touches on the upcoming chipsets are the allegations that were current not so long ago. They talked about the "recent presentation" of the Exynos series, ie about three different series, each series is intended for different price models.

The 800 series chipset, then the 1200 series chipset, and the flagship chipset from the very top of the offer, numbered 2200. The Exynos 1200 and 2200 series chipsets should also contain graphics based on the AMD architecture, more precisely the RDNA segment.

At the time, sources said that the presentation of the next three chipsets would be scheduled for the beginning of next year, 2022. But now we see that this will not be the case, that is, that the presentation will take place in a few days, on November 10th. The very beginning of the placement within Samsung smartphones is not known yet, but we believe that it will not be until next year.

Is it this way Samsung wants to determine its position when it comes to the production and placement of smartphones, we'll see. What makes us happy (and should make you happy too) is how this "war" or competition will greatly benefit the consumers themselves.

Customers of the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones, both those Galaxy A-lines and those Galaxy S, not to mention the increasingly present Galaxy Z line of curved smartphones.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron