See what the Steam Deck looks like from the inside, but don’t open it yourself

Photo Credits : Valve / promo

It’s been a couple of months since Steam Deck’s announcement and the raised dust has settled a bit. Valve has therefore decided these days to release a new video about this powerful handheld gaming PC, to rekindle a bit of passion.

The video is great if you love computer hardware because it shows the complete process of opening and disassembling the Steam Deck, and consequently provides insight into how all that powerful hardware is finely packaged in such a small case.

But the video also comes with a warning – don’t open your Steam Deck yourself if you like living! The unnamed presenter in the video is really alluding that you might die if you try it yourself, but he says it in a joking tone. We guess.

Anyway, it’s clear that Valve doesn’t want you to open your own Steam Deck because the whole thing is very delicate and finely complex so only professionals should open it. But then why did they just do a tutorial on opening Steam Deck and replacing some parts? Interesting!

By: Olivia J. – Zexron