Teaser for the new Radeon Pro graphics card

Photo Credits : AMD / Promo

AMD is apparently planning to announce a new Radeon Pro graphics card on January 19th. According to current rumors, it is said to be a Radeon Pro W6400, which is intended to serve the workstation sector as an entry-level and budget option.

AMD has released a teaser for the upcoming release of a new workstation graphics card via the official Radeon Pro Twitter account. According to current rumors, this should be a supply for the lower end of the current GPU line-up in the Pro series.

More precisely, it is the Radeon Pro W6400, which is to be announced on January 19, 2022. In terms of performance, there is no workhorse for demanding 3D rendering tasks with a well-installed Navi 24 GPU. Instead, the budget model is designed for lighter workloads such as 2D modeling and video editing. The W6400 is a direct competitor to the Nvidia T600 based on a Turing GPU.

Extensive details are still missing, however, so that not too much can be said about the exact configuration of the Radeon Pro W6400. However, the period until the full announcement is quite short and the lack of information is more than bearable.

Simultaneously with the announcement for the entry-level workstation GPU, Navi 24 also lands in the mainstream area with the Radeon RX 6500 XT, which will be available on January 19th. The more suitable counterpart to the W6400, a Radeon RX 6400 with a trimmed Navi 24 GPU, will follow for the time being exclusively for OEMs. Ready-made PCs with graphics cards should still be available in the first half of 2022.

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Competition in the entry-level area will also come onto the market in January with the Geforce RTX 3050 from Nvidia. On January 27, the GPU will go on sale with a recommended retail price of 320 dollars, although the prices of custom models and depending on the current market situation can be significantly higher, although the available stocks at dealers are also not yet foreseeable .

The fact that it could definitely be significantly more expensive is shown by an already premature dealer listing from Japan, where the equivalent of around 440 dollars had to be shelled out for an RTX 3050 custom model. With the Radeon RX 6500 XT with an official MSRP of 199 US dollars, high premiums are also to be expected. 340 dollars are currently in the room, whereby higher-quality custom models are said to surpass this brand in some cases significantly.