The all-new Windows arrives later this month!

Photo Credits : SOPA Images / GETTY IMAGES

Microsoft has announced that it will introduce a new version of Windows later this month.

The official presentation will be organized on June 24, and the announcement of the event followed the news of the cessation of the development of Windows 10X, the version of the operating system originally designed for dual-screen devices.

This was later abandoned, so the focus shifted to single-screen devices, in order to compete with Chrome OS devices.

In the end, that option was also rejected, so Microsoft installed some of the elements developed for 10X functions in the new OS.

When it was launched, Windows 10 was set as a combination of the best features of Windows 7 and 8.

He brought users a “clean” desktop with support for touch screens, and then the Start menu was returned to him.

As the biggest change, Windows 10 brought the possibility of free installation and use in the first year, which further encouraged users to switch from earlier versions to “ten”.

There are only three weeks left until the presentation of a completely new version of the most popular desktop operating system in the world when we will find out if the same will happen again this time.

By: Deya – Gossip Whispers