The best games of the year announced

Photo Credits : hazelight studios/promo

It Takes Two, a cooperative adventure game from Hazelight Studios, won the Best Game of the Year award at The  Game Awards 2021. It was among six nominees for the award, including Deathloop, Resident Evil Village, Psychonauts 2, Metroid Dread, and Rachet & Clank: Rift Apart.

The award was received by the director of Hazelight Studios, Josef Fares, who did not give a speech as memorable as his “Fuck the Oscars” moment during the 2017 Game Awards. Instead, he thanked the rest of the team at Hazelight and dedicated the award to their daughters.

Recently, Take-Two was apparently bothered by the naming of It Takes Two and claimed the naming rights to the co-op game against Hazelight. That apparently happened before the game was released, as reported by the Eurogamer editorial team. The developers then waived the naming rights to It Takes Two. Take-Two has now taken legal action against the developers of It Takes Two to defend naming rights. The Hazelight team has since given up the claim to the naming rights to the game.

It Takes Two has a unique premise. There are two players in it as parents who will soon divorce, Cody and May. Their daughter is not happy about this imminent divorce, so she turns them into puppets with the help of Dr. Hakim, a reasonable, wise self-help book. What follows is a series of plays that require close collaboration. Fares had so much confidence in the game that he promised $ 1,000 to anyone who got bored when playing it.

It Takes Two also won the award for the best family game in competition with four Nintendo games. And while Deathloop missed the Game of the Year award, it took home several other awards at Geoff Keighley’s awards show, including Best Game Directing and Best Artistic Directing.

It is also interesting that among the other nominees for the game of the year, no one received awards in other categories than Metroid Dread for the best action-adventure.