The new AMD exclusive GPUs for mining

Sapphire will be the first company to assemble them and sell them to mining farms for prices starting at 550 euros.

The new AMD exclusive GPUs for mining

Photo Credits: Tomshardware / promo

The mining of cryptocurrencies effect is so obvious to PC gamers, as miners have pounced on the graphics cards that have shown on many occasions as a perfect GPU for Bitcoin mining, ethereum, or other cryptos.

To try to prevent miners from buying graphics for gamers, NVIDIA launched its own GPUs for mining some time ago, something that AMD has now wanted to replicate with its new GPRO X080 and GPRO X060 graphics that have appeared thanks to information obtained.

Specifically, we've had access to the two models assembled by the Sapphire brand, two models that will be used to mine so they will not have video outputs and that will be sold directly to cryptocurrency miners so do not wait to see them in stores.

This is the Sapphire GPRO X080 and the Sapphire GPRO X060

The first model is the most powerful for mining, the Sapphire GPRO X080, with a Navi 22 graphics chip with 2304 Stream Processors at 2132 MHz along with 10 GB of GDDR6 memory, promising a Hash Rate of 38.05 MH / s with a TGP of 165W. although retouching the graph, a rate of 41.6 MH / s can be achieved with a consumption of 93W. This graphic will go on sale from 750 euros.

On the other hand, we have the Sapphire GPRO X060 with Navi 23 XL chip, 1792 Stream Processor at 2400 MHz along with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. This model does have DisplayPort and HDMI video output and offers a Hash Rate of 27.8 MH / s @ 100W TGP that can reach 29.4 MH / s @ 60W by tuning the GPU. In this case, the price for which it will be sold to cryptocurrency miners is 550 euros.