VIDEO: Oppo Air Glasses, the new Google Glasses

Oppo intends to sell smart glasses in China that project navigation, translation and information.

VIDEO: Oppo Air Glasses, the new Google Glasses

Photo Credits: Oppo

Oppo came up with the idea to copy Google Glass glasses in their own way and offer them to the market, albeit initially only in China.

Its Oppo Air Glass glasses come in two parts, that is, with a monocle that you plug into Opp’s spectacle frame, and you won’t be able to connect it to your own existing glasses.

Like Google Glass, Oppo's glasses bring simple information to the user's eyes such as navigation, translation, teleprompter (blesimeter), calendar, activity tracking sensor notifications and other useful data using a Spark Micro Projector the size of a coffee bean containing an LED chip for projecting a 640 x 480 image onto the screen.

Oppo Air Glass is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform, and the glasses can be paired with Oppo phones with ColorOS 11 or later or with an Oppo watch, as you can see in this video .

You can "rewind" notifications by tapping on the Air Glass touch bar or nodding your head.

In the case of the blesimeter application, you can upload your speech to the glasses, set the font size and speed of the text, and then start the text, or rewind it manually by tapping on the touch bar.

As for navigation, Oppo collaborated with Baidu on the integration of Baidu Walk & Bike Navigation and Explore Nearby, and you can also control navigation by voice, but so far only in Chinese. 

Unlike Google Glass, Oppo’s glasses don’t have a camera because the Chinese company is working hard to preserve privacy. 

The Chinese company intends to release the Smart Glass SDK so that developers around the world can use it for their applications, which is an indication that Oppo Air Glass could one day reach our region.