YouTube makes it easy to continue watching videos from your mobile phone on your desktop

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

YouTube has a new feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently watch the same video on your smartphone and computer, making it much easier for a user watching a video on a mobile device to continue where they left off on a larger computer screen.

Something like that requires, of course, logging in to the same account because otherwise, it can’t work. What happens is that a certain video that is watched on one of the devices when YouTube starts on the other appears in the form of a mini-player and asks the user to click “continue watching”.

For now, and easily possible permanently, this feature is only valid for continuing to watch on the computer, but not vice versa, to continue watching video from the computer on the mobile device. It’s not that problematic. There are many situations in which for some reason people do not want to watch the video on a smartphone.

Until now, something like this could only be done if the history of the viewed content went down or if a video was marked with “watch later” and appeared in a separate part of the YouTube account.

Exactly when this new feature will appear is not known because YouTube Android beta testers have not yet received it for testing. It is easily possible that it will not be as fast as many might like. By the way, it was found out thanks to the information available to 9to5Google.

And all of this is just confirmation that YouTube is trying to adapt to the modern age and the needs of new generations, especially those interested in gaming content. Only in this way can an equal battle be fought with a competition like Twitch or Facebook Gaming.

By: Olivia J. – Zexron