2022 - Web3, NFT 2.0 and the “human renaissance”

2022 - Web3, NFT 2.0 and the “human renaissance”

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The word “Web3” was popular in 2021, so it is to be expected that in 2022, companies will try to join the development of this decentralized vision of the Internet. This type of internet works on the principle of blockchain, the same system as cryptocurrencies and NFT (irreplaceable tokens), but it aims to introduce some kind of equality, so that big players like Google and Facebook would not have a keyword in most things, such as that is the case now.

Officially, we are not yet in the Web3 phase of the internet, but the blocks are currently connecting. In 2022, companies like Meta will undoubtedly join the development of this concept. The company said that their goal is “high compatibility” with blockchain technology, as the New York Times stated, citing an anonymous source from Meta.

Also, on the technology scene in 2021, NFTs have become a real hit, so in the new 2022 we could expect NFT 2.0.

Metaverse and human renaissance

As expected, several companies have also announced that they will attempt to enhance the metaverse, virtual reality and the augmented reality world where people can play video games, work and socialize. Although at an early stage, this technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Many virtual reality worlds, such as Metin, require special helmet-like devices.

Soon, however, we could get glasses or even lenses that allow us to influence virtual reality. According to insiders, the company Apple is working on this technology and it is predicted that it will announce its own device in 2022. Also, Apple’s “helmet” could contain technology for monitoring eye movements and cameras that merge virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

“The whole discussion about the metaverse essentially tells us we can live in virtual space using avatars, and that our bodies are not important in that case,” said futurist Gerd Lenard.

As he added, although there are certain advantages of the metaverse, he still predicts a “human renaissance”.

“It’s easy to imagine a discussion in which people think the metaverse is very ‘cool.’ in the sense that people will stop and say ‘let’s think again, let’s see if this is all really good for our lives, ”Lenard added.

Artificial intelligence and cloud technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will continue to develop more and more in 2022. AI can help in areas such as health, however, the question arises as to how data is collected and used.

As Lenard explained, artificial intelligence is evolving so fast that computers increasingly seem to possess some kind of reason. All this, he believes, will lead to the fact that people can be created from nowhere or copied, or that machines will be closer to people.

When it comes to cloud technology, we are talking about a concept that was welcome to many who were forced to work from home because of the pandemic.

According to the Deloitte report, automation (cloud, robotics, AI) will be a key branch of technology in 2022.

“I think technology companies are finally realizing that automation is key to creating more free time, so employees can be more dedicated to customers. By remembering lessons from the past and applying advanced technology to solve today’s problems, organizations will help shape a better future,” Mike said. Bechtel of Deloitte.