1. Edge to edge screen, 2. Front camera, 3. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below the screen, 4. Package with AirPods headphones, 5. Pencil...


Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

With the introduction of the S22 phone line, Samsung has marked a completely new direction for the leading models, and the previous Note series has been merged with the S Ultra line, making a concession so that none of the users will be dissatisfied. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Note in everything but the name and the first S series device to come with a pen slot.

In addition to the fantastic software that Samsung has been working hard on for years, the S22 series is the culmination of the company’s offer and is always full of options and capabilities that few other phones can boast, including the iPhone.

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 series with the Apple iPhone 13 models is always a difficult job, so we won’t go into that now, but we will point out five great advantages that the Samsung S22 series has compared to the iPhone 13.

1. Edge to edge screen

The iPhone X is a phone that was introduced in November 2017 and it is the first iPhone with a borderless design. Last year, the iPhone 13 reduced the thickness of the edges even more, but compared to Samsung’s models, Apple is still seriously lagging behind. When the curved edges of the S22 Ultra are added, it is clear that Samsung has an advantage over the competition in this regard.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a screen-to-front ratio of 90.2%, which is more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max which measures 87.4%. Unfortunately, although it is a few estimates, this difference is very visible when the phones are placed next to each other. Let’s hope that the iPhone 14 will change something in that regard.

2. Front camera

Apple iPhone notch, comma, as you like, is the subject of many stories on both the iPhone 12, which was too big, and the iPhone 13, which was reduced, but the resulting space cannot be used. For some, notch is quite annoying, while many users have come to terms with the fact that it is there and that it will not change soon.

On the other hand, the Note10 generation also had a small hole in the middle of the camera screen, a detail that minimally distorts the look and takes up very little space on the device screen itself. On Samsung phones, one camera is used for face recognition and selfies, while on iPhone models there is an additional sensor for advanced biometrics, because these phones do not have a fingerprint sensor.

The small camera hole combined with the large edge-to-edge screen on the S22 Ultra phone provides a special user experience for users, where there aren’t many elements that bother you, and it’s up to you to enjoy.

It is rumored that Apple will follow a similar example with the FaceTime camera on the iPhone 14, but the question is whether even then this company will agree to say goodbye to the notch.

3. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below the screen

In addition to being fast and accurate, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen of the Samsung S22 and previous generations in no way affects the quality of the display on the screen itself, and is not the only biometric protection system on these phones.

This sensor debuted on the S10 generation and allows fingerprint detection without damaging the screen and a special hardware key. On the other hand, until the aforementioned iPhone X, Apple had a physical key that was used for several generations as biometric protection in order to completely switch to Face ID identification as the only option besides the code and PIN code.

It’s high time Apple changed something, so hopefully the iPhone 14 will finally get a fingerprint sensor under the screen as an extra level of protection and security that these phones desperately need.

4. Package with AirPods headphones

Although neither Samsung nor Apple supply headphones with the phone anymore, nor the charger from a few generations ago, it is unlikely that Apple will put its AirPods headphones in the package with the phone. However, for the third year in a row, Samsung has been giving away Galaxy Buds Pro headphones to everyone who orders new models in advance.

When the iPhone 12 line of phones was introduced, Apple removed wired headphones and chargers from the package, and every year Samsung introduces new benefits for its users.

Apple almost never does such actions with its phones, so it would not be bad to change that in the future compared to the previous practice.

5. Pencil

Steve Jobs once said, “Who needs a pen,” in 2007, when he introduced the first iPhone. Since then, Apple has introduced the Apple Pencil for the iPad, because the philosophy of Steve Jobs has been forgotten, and Samsung made a real small revolution in 2011 with its Note series.

The Note was one of the first smartphones with a pen that you could insert into the body of the phone when not in use, and it soon became a favorite accessory of Note phone fans. Since then, Samsung has gradually improved the quality of the S Pen and its capabilities, and with the S22 Ultra, the detection speed has become more than three times better than with the S21 Ultra, which means that the delay is almost non-existent.

Could Apple include a pen with some of its phones in the future? A good question to which no one can give you a reliable answer today. But one thing is for sure, it would go very well with a big screen like the one on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

What will the iPhone 14 bring?

With quality accessories and features, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Apple will discount and implement some of the features that leading Samsung phones have on their devices. It may not be the iPhone 14, it may not be the iPhone 15, but slowly but surely Apple is giving way to the competition. As was the adoption of the screen with a high refresh rate and zoom camera, so something else will have to change soon. So warm up the popcorn and get ready for the exciting autumn ahead.