Canyon Oregano smartwatch - Attractive athlete

Canyon Oregano comes with two silicone straps in white and black and white, and since it uses standard 22 mm straps, you can easily replace them.

Canyon Oregano smartwatch - Attractive athlete

Photo Credits: Canyon/Promo

A watch of moderate dimensions and a large 1.3” screen brings us clear content at all times. Canyon took advantage of this opportunity, so a good part of the face of the watch is filled with infographics that will improve its design if you move enough.

At the front, of course, you are greeted by the face of the clock covered with flat glass that has curved edges. The edges have a thin black bar that represents the edge of the screen but is thinner than most others on the test. The watch has touchscreen functionality and you will move through the system. Then we move on to the case which is in our white version and we think it will attract the most attention.

The case has a more or less standard design and is of moderate thickness, so it should not bother most users. The right side of the case has one button in the middle and also serves to navigate through the menus. Canyon Oregano comes with two silicone straps in white and black and white, and since it uses standard 22 mm straps, you can easily replace them.

The front of the case is metal, while the back is plastic and has some interesting details. The middle of the clock uses a heart rate sensor as standard, but at first glance, you can see that a slightly better sensor with two green LED was used to make the reading more accurate.

Of course, do not take heart rate as a professional medical measurement, but an approximation supported by algorithms as with other watches. On the edge of the back, you have as many as five pins, two of which are used for charging. An interesting detail is a charger because it does not use magnets like most others, but it is a complete plastic case in which you button the watch to charge it.

We advise you to take care that the housing does not break. Let’s also mention that the watch comes with IP68 certification, and Canyon calls it “Truly waterproof”.

The watch system itself has a unique look and uses a Nordic chipset for low power consumption while enabling BT functionality. It also comes with a simple mobile application, and once connected, you can receive notifications per hour as well as control the playback of multimedia. You have five faces to choose from, and sports tracking in terms of steps, heart rate as well as calorie calculation is supported as GPS is missing.

ChipsetNordic NRF52832
CompatibilityiOS 10.0+ (iPhone 5S and newer), Android 5.0+ (smartphones with BT 4.0+ and Google Play Services support). Android GO does not support notifications delivery.
IntegrationGoogle Fit, Apple Heallth
Battery Capacity200 mAh
Battery standby timeUp to 30 days
Battery use timeUp to 5 days
ControlFull Touchscreen
SportsCycling, Running, Walking, Swimming, Indoor jogging track, Hiking
SensorsG-Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor