MSI Spation E26, universal SSD for PCIe 5.0

MSI Spation E26, universal SSD for PCIe 5.0

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MSI announced the first Spation E26 SSDs that are based on the PCIe 5.0 interface. Just a few weeks ago, Phison introduced the first controllers for the new PCIe Gen 5 interface.

MSI Announces First PCIe 5.0 SSDs Based on Phison E26 Controller

The manufacturer Phison Electornics a few weeks ago presented the first PCIe 5.0 controllers. Specifically, I present the Phison PS5026-E26 controller. The controller is intended for development of enthusiast and enterprise level PCIe 5.0 SSDs. MSI was the first storage drive manufacturer to use this controller.

Thanks to MSI we can see the first PCIe 5.0 SSD units based on the Phison E26 controller. These new MSI storage units are called Spation E26. These drives are in PCIe format and in M.2 format.

Unfortunately, the information offered by MSI is quite limited. We know at the moment that it is compatible with the PCIe 5.0 x4 interface. This storage unit offers us a unidirectional bandwidth of 16GB / s and will be compatible with the NVMe 4.0 protocol. Read and write speeds have not been disclosed.

The MSI Spation E26 units will have a desktop version and an enterprise version. Both versions have the same PCB. The business version only adds a set of capacitors for power-off protection.

Phison E26 is based on the 12nm process and uses a dual core Cortex-R5 SoC and is based on the exclusive CoX 2.0 architecture. This controller supports PCIe Dual Port, SR-IOV, ZNS and other features.

Technically, the sequential read speed can go up to 12GB / s and the write speed would be up to 11GB / s. Regarding random reading, 1.5 million IOPS are reached and in random writing, 2 million IOPS are reached.

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