30 years of "Thelma and Louise": Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon recreate a provocative scene from the car!

Three decades have passed since the premiere of the film, and famous actresses have reunited.

30 years of "Thelma and Louise": Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon recreate a provocative scene from the car!

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One of the most popular films that appeared in the 1990s is "Thelma and Louise". It has been 30 years since the premiere, and on that occasion, the main actresses, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis gathered.

The two of them were in a good mood at this event, posing for a photojournalist. At one point, they also recreated a provocative scene from the film, when they kissed.

It's been three decades since Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon fiercely raised dust on the roads in the exciting thriller "Thelma and Louise" by the famous Ridley Scott, the first director in the history of cinema who dared to give women control of the wheel.

As we know, the end was not happy, but it undoubtedly entered the annals of moving images - you all remember the blue convertible entering the hatch of the Grand Canyon, don't you?

Reactions after the premiere ranged from enthusiasm, above all feminists who were overjoyed to finally be able to watch female characters breaking out of stereotypes, and film critics who claimed it was an unprecedented revolutionary achievement, all the way to those who were disappointed and thought that Scott's thriller was too violent and that it humiliated the stronger sex.

Louise, a bored waitress, and Thelma, a disappointed housewife in a bad marriage ... In search of a little excitement, accidentally went off the road without returning. The attempted rape ended in murder and continued with a series of criminal acts that ended up in the Colorado canyon.

But the film is also fun, full of action and smart stuff, and it was a huge success in cinemas after its premiere, held in May 1991. In American cinemas alone, it earned an incredible 50 million dollars during the first week. In many ways, it represented a cinematic and cultural turning point that changed the role of women on the big and small screen.
Geena Davis definitely believed that was exactly what would happen. She already had one Oscar for a supporting role in the drama "Random Tourist", but there is no doubt that the confused Thelma was the role of her life. However, things in Hollywood were not going in the right direction for members of the fairer sex.

Research has shown that women are still drastically in the lead when it comes to nude scenes, and they have far less text in dialogues.
As a human rights activist, Davis launched a special festival because she believes that the lack of her colleagues in the film has become so standard that most viewers do not even notice it.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but there are so few that we always list the same accomplishments. In one of them, Geena also had a role- " A League of Their Own".
In others is mostly Charlize Theron. For example, in the blockbuster "Mad Max: Fury Road ", which earned almost half a billion dollars.

Even if Thelma and Louise failed to change the role of women in Hollywood, they influenced some who worked on the film.

That's how Callie Khouri won the Oscar for the screenplay. But the great Susan Sarandon, waitress Louise, had to wait for the drama "Dead Man Walking" in order to receive the most prestigious recognition, for the role of a nun.

Ridley Scott's cult achievement is only the second in history to have two Oscar nominations for Best Leading Actress.

Also, the film made the then-unknown Brad Pitt famous, a seductive wanderer in whose butt Thelma fell in love with while they were pouring gasoline at a gas station in the wilds of the Wild West.

"It was a really big warning of how rarely we give women the opportunity to play exciting and inspiring roles. The film was bold and witty, progressive, and that wild ride was damn fun too. The film industry has finally started to change, but not fast enough. I'm an impatient optimist" - says Geena Davis, repeating Telma's famous words: "Let's keep going".

Check out the trailer of this amazing feature below:

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers