7 Reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

7 Reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

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Windows is arguably the most widespread operating system in the PC world, but in the business part Linux is practically the only choice. Primarily because of the quality, openness and free software. So it’s no surprise that more advanced computer users often call for a migration to Linux.

And below we will bring seven key reasons for this, which are stated by experts and advocates of “transition”.

1. Savings

Owners of the legal version of the Windows operating system at least once had to pay a license, which is around 800 kuna. Even if it didn’t happen directly, it is through buying a new computer running Windows OS. Of course, such a computer is more expensive than Windows. Linux and all its distributions are 100 percent free.

2. Total ownership

With Linux, the user uses a complete open-source ecosystem, which means that it is possible to remove and add absolutely everything, update the software as desired, use absolutely any supported software, without obstacles and prohibitions. In short, with Linux, the master of the system is the owner, not the company behind it.

3. Adaptation

Just as the user has control in terms of software, there is also control in terms of customization or customization. Every part of the Linux environment can be customized. In addition, there are various distributions specializing in certain things, which further expands the possibilities.

4. Security

Windows has improved in terms of security in recent years, but it can’t compete with Linux, whose software is in official distribution repositories, which means it’s completely secure.

5. Forget about “cracked” software

Copyright and other rights are a problem from country to country, so not all software is available in them. The problem is often its price, as in the case of Office, Adobe tools, AutoCAD tools ... which is solved by “cracked” or illegal software. Linux offers everything for free. And it provides security because malware can be found in “cracked” software.

6. Improving the experience in technical terms

No need to lie, switching to Linux requires a lot of learning and is difficult. But all this is an interesting process, which further improves knowledge about how the system works, how applications are integrated and what the individual as such needs exactly, why and how it is achieved.

7. Spyware removal

Microsoft collects an enormous amount of data about its customers and this cannot be completely prevented. Something like that doesn’t happen on Linux. You won’t be “bombarded” by ads, you won’t be offered a “better” browser, and no one will collect your data if you set up just that.

For starters, it’s best to download Linux Mint because it works with Windows and can be set to a USB stick. After that, with each boot, you choose which one you want to “boot”. And when you “get used to it,” you’ll know if you’re ready for an extra step into the Linux world or if Windows is the right thing for you after all.