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LINUX: Google has doubled the awards

Google has raised the prize fund for Linux Kernel, Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and kCTF vulnerability reports. These are additional incentive bonuses tied to "zero-day" defects and exploits of various kinds via novel ways. "We...

Mozilla is shutting down its Ideas platform

Mozilla Ideas first appeared in the middle of last year. The effort, which aimed to rally the Firefox community and developers in support of it, has not received the desired response and is on its...

How can you uninstall programs inside Windows 11?

Uninstalling applications you no longer need from your Windows 11 computer. A great way to keep things nice and tidy and clean up valuable disk space. Uninstall programs from the Start menu Uninstall an application from the...

Geforce Now RTX 3080 is available as a subscription

Nvidia is now offering a monthly subscription for its Geforce Now RTX 3080 game streaming service. So far there is only a 6-month subscription.

More free space: How to speed up Google Chrome

Deleting unnecessary data from your browser will allow the app to run faster while freeing up space on your phone that you can take up with something useful.

Amazon is suing companies for fake reviews

The statement added that AppSally and Rebatest say they have more than 900,000 users who are “willing to write fake reviews.”


Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker is a big scam and does not contain one, but several crossbreeds and dangerous viruses! Malware affects CPU and GPU.

Windows erase tool: does not completely clean data

By using this tool, the storage unit should be completely clean,and not be able to find any part of the personal data of the previous user, you.

Malware “Xenomorph” discovered on the Play Store

Researchers from the business ThreatFabric, which specializes in the prevention of fraud and cybercrime, examined the Xenomorph virus and discovered code that resembled the banking Trojan Alien. New spyware named Xenomorph, which is disseminated through the...