iPhone 15: farewell to the notch?

iPhone 15: farewell to the notch?

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

More and more people are claiming that the iPhone 15, which will be unveiled in September 2023, will be the final goodbye to the notch, the more-than-typical notch that has accompanied Apple smartphones since the iPhone X, and in which They integrate the speaker for phone calls, the front camera, and, of course, all the elements required for the proper operation of Face ID, the biometric identification system that replaced Touch ID.

The notch takes up some display space, but it has always been seen as a trademark of the iPhone. It's a very distinctive element (in its early days, some Android device manufacturers chose to replicate it, even though it wasn't necessary because these devices didn't integrate systems like Face ID), and seeing it will be quite strange for everybody when this change arrives, predictably on the iPhone 15, although perhaps with an advance on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Regardless, and contrary to previous speculations that the standard models (not the Pros) would have to live with the notch for a few more years, Ross Young points out in a tweet that the four iPhone 15 models will have a double perforation on the screen that will replace the notch. Something that Apple has been wanting for years because its happiness with Face ID is overshadowed by the requirement for the notch.

This is the design that has already been proposed for the iPhone 14 Pro, with a circular perforation and a rectangular one with circular lateral ends, a shape that has given rise to the fact that it has already received the designation of «pill» in some circles because it is very reminiscent of the two-dimensional representation of the classic medicinal capsules. Thus, after a year of testing on the Pro models, this new screen design would be sent out to all iPhone 15 models.

We get why Apple wants to do rid of the notch, but Personally find this choice far less appealing than the notch, which is wonderfully blended into the phone's design. We'll have to wait for the iPhone 15 to see the final outcome, and whether the recovery of that screen area warrants the appearance of those two spheres.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it's a smart idea for Apple to ditch the notch in favor of the two holes on the iPhone 15's screen?

Or, on the contrary, do you believe the engineering and design teams should work a little more to find a more ideal solution?