8 free features for Elementor - Be creative

Elementor is a tool that allows you to create responsive web pages without knowledge of coding. It has a wide range of features...

8 free features for Elementor - Be creative

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Elementor is a tool that allows you to create responsive web pages without knowledge of coding. It has a wide range of features, including the ability to add sliders, galleries, contact forms and more. Elementor also has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for everyone to use. You can expand the free version with add-ons that will increase the functionality of the website. We have prepared eight free add-ons that you can try today.

Sizzify Lite

Sizzy Lite adds a number of elements that help Elementor work better with WooCommerce- For WooCommerce, add buttons that are usually found on the sidebar of the store such as product categories, popular products and best-selling items. In addition to WooCommerce-related widgets, the plugin also offers two post-related widgets (recent posts and posts by category) and several new options such as a contact form, price chart, and services. This Elementor plugin is ideal for webshops that want to personalize their eCommerce pages with interesting elements related to their products.

8 Hotel Booking

The Hotel Booking and Element Integration add-on is new to the market and was designed specifically for the MotoPress Hotel Booking add-on. Its main purpose is to help people visually edit the short add-on codes for elemental hotel reservations. Basically, this integration plugin creates simple shortcode generators that are easy to use for people building WordPress websites for rent and vacation.

There are several widgets that you can add to Elementor without having to go back to shortcodes and then to posts/pages like accommodation prices, booking forms and property listings. Please note that these Elementor add-ons only work if you install the MotoPress Hotel Booking add-on. The plugin is the best choice for people who build WordPress websites and rent real estate online.

Press Elements

This is an add-on for developers and website owners that allows the use of basic WordPress elements in Elementor. For example, you can add a default website title, company logo, or various posting information in the Elementor page builder. Widgets are actually tied to the background code of these elements and are automatically generated when requested. Once added to Elementor, you can’t edit the page title or logo because they are the default. Instead, you can customize them by changing the color and styling the look of the template. The great thing about this plugin is that it allows you to save the layouts you created for a single post and import them as a template for future (or past) posts and pages.

AnyWhere Elementor

AnyWhere Elementor allows you to save templates you create and embed in other areas using short codes. With this plugin, you can also create multiple layouts, add post elements, or create links to GeneratePress and OceanWP themes. As for the new elements, the add-on comes with the same post elements as Press Elements. This plugin is best for users who want to create beautiful Elementor templates and landing pages that can be easily uploaded over the site via shortcodes.

Header and Footer Elementor

This plugin was created to allow you to create new headers and footers in the Elementor. Basically, you can design a header or footer using Elementor and add it to your page. The only downside is that the plugin only works with a few specific topics like Genesis, Generate Press and OceanWP. Therefore, it is the best choice for users of these topics who need new headers and footers.

7 Stylepress

StylePress is a complex plugin that allows you to create a template via Elementor, save and add to different parts of your page. It also offers new elements such as newsletter subscriptions and WordPress menus. With StylePress, you can practically create a new theme from scratch by merging several designs and templates together and adding them where they fit on your site. The Style Press plugin is best for developers, but also for those who are not skilled at coding and want to design their pages in whole (or in part) using Elementor. If you use this plugin, you can create your own theme.

Nav Menu Addon

Nav Menu Addon is another great addition, and its features allow you to style and customize your menus via the Elementor interface by simply dragging and dropping some widgets. It is important to note that the tool does not create a new menu for you, but only adds a new style to those you already have on your WordPress dashboard.

The Nav Menu Addon offers you three menu options: a default menu, a mega menu, and a toggle menu, to which you can add branding options and a search box. The overlay menus open in a full-screen overlay window, such as a preview box. The best choices are for people who do not have the advanced technical knowledge and want to customize and style their WordPress menus.

Addon Elements

Addon Elements adds some new elements that were not introduced in any of the previous add-ons like google map and integration with Twitter. The plugin is easy to use, without confusing features and adds interactive features to your content. Unlike other free Elements plugins, it is primarily aimed at providing you with interesting new ways to manipulate regular content.

In short, this add-on is good if you want to spice up your page a bit, but you can also use it to add a professional note to your branding business. It is the best choice for people who want to give their pages and content a new look through interactive branding elements.