A biographical film is being made about the legendary singer Marvin Gaye!

Photo Credits : Rob Verhorst/Redferns

The biographical film about the legendary singer Marvin Gaye will be called “What’s Going On“, and the company “Warner Bros.” bought the rights to the film.

Many have tried to make a film about Gaye, but this is the first time that his family has allowed all of his recognizable songs to be used. By the way, this is an ambitious project with a budget of over 80 million dollars and will follow the life of the singer, his turbulent relationship with his father, and the demons that have haunted him throughout his career.

The film will be directed by Allen Hughes, known for the films “Menace II Society“, “Dead Presidents” and “The Book of Eli“, while the producers are experienced Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iowa

This is a personal topic for me. When I made the first film with my brother, we were lucky to get the rights to use ‘What’s Going On” in the trailer for “Menace II Society”, and that completely changed the story when it came to promoting that film,” Hughes explains, adding that he had Gaye in every movie except “From Hell”, which was set at the time of the murder of Jack the Ripper – writes the media.

By: Olivia J. – Gossip Whispers