A new leak on the follow-up free game by Epic Games

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The fast-paced roguelike Neon Abyss is being given away in the Epic Games Store until 5 p.m. today. After that, according to the leak, there is a well-known survival action game.

Photo Credits: Epic promo

After the run on the servers and the game launcher from Epic Games subsided somewhat, new decisions have to be made. Neon Abyss is a free game until 5 p.m. and there is a tangible leak for the title afterward.

Free at Epic: Until 5 p.m. with Neon Abyyss

Since yesterday at 5 p.m., an interesting game called Neon Abyss has been available for free. Publisher Team 17 did not put the fast-paced roguelike on the market until July 14th, 2020; more than 12,400 users voted on Steam and gave a whopping 88 percent approval. The last time there was a major content update for the title was in November, which normally costs around 20 euros. The game is still available for free at Epic Games until 5 p.m. Here is the official description:

“Neon Abyss is a fast-paced roguelike in which you shoot your way into the Abyss as a member of the” Grim Squad “. With unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon development system, every round is a new challenge and every decision changes the rules “.

A French leaker knows how things will continue at 17:01 on the subject of the “mysterious game”, and so far he has been proven right with all his predictions. So far, there is no reason to believe that the latest forecast is incorrect. So if everything goes according to plan, Epic Games will throw Remnant: From the Ashes among the people at 5 p.m. The title is from August 2019 and has an approval rate of 85 percent in over 33,000 Steam reviews. The two DLCs released so far should be offered at a discount for at least 24 hours.

Remnant: From the Ashes is officially described as “a third-person survival action game set in a post-apocalyptic world that is haunted by monstrous creatures. As one of the last of mankind, you will be alone or in a team facing deadly enemies and epic bosses with up to two other players, and gain a foothold to rebuild and reclaim what is lost “.