AiryxOS wants to be an open-source version of macOS

AiryxOS wants to be an open-source version of macOS

Photo Credits: AiryxOS/Promo

There are dozens or hundreds of great Linux distributions that are capable of serving as an alternative to Windows or macOS operating systems, but only a few systems manage to faithfully clone the original software and one of them is AiryxOS.

The goal of the developers behind this distro is to be open-source macOS with full support for Mac applications, which is extremely ambitious, but also feasible. But we will wait to see if it will succeed because the performance is still at a fairly early stage.

Currently, most of the true clones concern Windows systems, such as ReactOS, Haiku, FreeDOS ... But AiryxOS wants to go into the Mac realm, which is less "researched" and available in this regard. And the main and responsible developer is Zoë Knox, who is the Vice President of Engineering at OpenNMS Group.

The document she published clearly outlines the complete plan, which aims to have a "source" and binary compatibility with macOS applications, which means that they could run normally on AiryxOS.

In addition, the plan is to offer an interface reminiscent of what can be seen on macOS, the appearance of the folder should also go in the same direction, and along the way you want to achieve a pleasant, safe, stable, and practical experience. Otherwise, none of it would make sense, macOS offers one high standard and a faithful copy must follow it.

Also, as a plus and a kind of ease of use, AiryxOS shares code, and resources with helloSystem, a FreeBSD distribution that has an interface similar to that of a Mac.

Ultimately, the whole thing is quite ambitious, but you should know that it will not be easy to do, especially in the sense that AiryxOS offers full support for complete macOS software. For example, the Wine project has thousands of developers behind it, so it failed to perform full compatibility with Windows applications. Therefore, it will be challenging, but it is to be hoped that it will be successful in the end.

Wine project:

The developers at WineHQ around project manager Alexandre Julliard have released the next stable main version 7.0 of their Windows-compatible runtime environment Wine with WoW64 support for Linux, BSD, and macOS.

Linux Wine 7.0 is a solution for gamers who don’t have the opportunity to play their favorite games on Linux. Wine supports 29,000 Windows applications. This is often the reason why many are skeptical about Linux. Linux wants users to have more features and to be happier while using Linux. We hope you find Linux Wine 7.0 useful.