Apple Releases a Disturbing Ad!

Their advertisement aims to cause a "shock effect", did it work for them?

Apple Releases a Disturbing Ad!

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Apple launched the iOS 14.5 version of the operating system a month ago, and with it came the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency (ATT) option.

This option allows the user to decide for themselves whether to allow applications to collect personal information or disable it. A month later, Apple introduced a new advertisement for that option, and it can be said that they hit it "right in the center" with this disturbing advertisement. It starts with the iPhone user wanting to buy himself a coffee, and after he did that, the sellers from that store started following him, then the taxi driver and everyone else who came in contact with him.

Can you imagine a group of people following your every move and following you wherever you go? In this way, Apple wants to suggest to its users that once they give access to applications, they use the data to monitor their activity. Whether you are at home, training, or at work, applications will track you.

The ad ends with the main actor getting a message from Apple that the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) option is available, and then using it to disable tracking, at which point all the people who followed him evaporated in a second.

The question is what prompted this company to place an advertisement for it a month after the announcement of that option. They pointed out that the masses have a "limited awareness" of the monitoring that happens through the Internet and applications. On average, the applications come with six third-party trackers that track the online trace and collect users' personal data, laptop mag reports.

The biggest opponent of this newspaper was the company Facebook, which often attacked Apple in the media because of the same, and from that company, they said that they were not against advertising, but that they wanted the monitoring of users to be transparent and under their (user's) control. When you consider that 96% of users of Apple devices have disabled the Facebook application from following them, then it is not difficult to understand why they were against such a decision.

What do you think about this ad, did it have any effect on you?

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers