Battlefield 2042: These are the current problems of the shooter

Photo Credits : EA

The Battlefield 2042 team will continue to iron out known problems with the shooter, even if there will be no new update in 2021. Now there’s a new list of bugs and bugs that developers will address next.

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Even if the developers of Battlefield 2042 will soon be saying goodbye to the Christmas vacation, the work on the various problems of the shooter never ends. A list of known problems based on information from lead game designer Florian Le Bihan (@ DRUNKKZ3) is currently circulating on Twitter.

Gameplay bugs and possible workarounds: No jumping after resuscitation

Battlefield 2042 is currently still suffering from a number of bugs, for which there are individual workarounds. The current list of known issues published by the BattlefieldBulletin fan project on Twitter is as follows:

  • Players cannot jump after reviving a team member. Workaround: Press the Revive button again.
  • Players cannot look through the scope of the weapon. Workaround: Open and close the in-game weapon customization menu.
  • Players glitch through the map and then reappear invincible.
  • The sprint animation causes a bug that causes players to move their left hand strangely.
  • In individual cases, players cannot leave vehicles if they spawn on them.
  • There is a visual bug with SOFLAM where experience points are counted but not displayed on the screen.
  • Some players get stuck in a crouching position after climbing a ladder and jumping back.
  • The SFAR smoke grenade launcher only works under certain conditions and has collision problems in individual areas.
  • Ground vehicles fall through the map at individual points.
  • Player names are not displayed correctly in the kill feed.
  • A display bug ensures that black squares appear on the screen when you sprint.
  • Mackay’s grappling hook can hold onto smoke.
  • Rush becomes an endless match in which the attackers lose all tickets and still receive reinforcements. Some players get stuck in the deploy screen while loading the map or are assigned to the attacker / defender team for multiple games in a row.
  • Cartridges are blocked by fellow players and corpses on the field.
  • Missing loadouts in the deploy screen.
  • Aircraft impact damage against infantry: A fix is ​​already done and will go live with a future update.
  • Teleportation glitch on the manifest map: A fix is ​​already done and will go live with a future update.
  • Players are invisible in some vehicles.
  • There are some issues with the weapon customization menu.

The developers also want to further improve the Aim-Assist on the consoles and remove the possibility of placing the C5 on a Recon drone. In addition, with an upcoming update, players will be able to adjust the permeability of the HUD.