Xbox Game Pass for PC now called PC Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that the PC edition of the Xbox Game Pass game subscription will now only be called PC Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass for PC now called PC Game Pass

Photo Credits: Tom Wood/Flickr

Microsoft has announced that the PC edition of the Xbox Game Pass game subscription will now only be called PC Game Pass. In addition, the manufacturer is announcing new games for subscribers.

The Xbox Game Pass game subscription has also been available on the PC since 2019. Now Microsoft has announced that it will give the PC version the name PC Game Pass. The relationship to the Xbox should no longer be prominent and users should find their way around more easily. After all, so far there was the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Game Pass for PC, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With the renaming of the PC version, the division should be easier to understand.

The PC Game Pass gets new games

The Xbox Game Pass is only intended for Xbox consoles, while the PC Game Pass is only for PC gamers. If you want to have both game subscriptions and also cloud gaming on smartphones, you have to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Ultimate version costs just under 13 euros per month, while the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass are each available for around 10 euros per month. In addition, there are always promotions where you can get one of the game subscriptions for less. A look at Amazon can be worthwhile to get a membership cheaply.

In addition, Microsoft announced during The Game Awards 2021 that Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, Trek to Yomi, and a previously unreleased game from Hugecalf Studios will be playable for subscribers in the PC Game Pass at no extra cost. The following PC games have already been confirmed and will be available in December in the PC Game Pass:

  • Total Wat: Warhammer 3,
  • Redfall,
  • Stalker 2,
  • Atomic Heart,
  • Slime Reacher 2,
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem,
  • Starfield,
  • Pupperazzi,
  • Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator,
  • Replaced,
  • Somerville,
  • Eiyuden Chronicle Rising,
  • Scorn
EA games are also part of the PC Game Pass

Every month the catalog of available games in Xbox Game Pass and also in PC Game Pass is updated. However, subscribers can buy titles that disappear at a discount in the Microsoft Store in order to be able to play them permanently. However, you have to consider that even when you buy a digital video game - in the Microsoft Store, on Steam, in the Epic Games Store, Playstation Store, and in many other digital shops - you only acquire one license and thus the respective publisher always determines how long it will last. By December 15th, subscribers have to say goodbye to the following games:

  • Beholder,
  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan,
  • Guacamelee! 2,
  • Wilmot's Warehouse,
  • Unto the end,
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

In contrast to games from third-party providers such as EA, Rockstar Games & Co., games from the publisher Xbox Game Studios remain available in the Game Pass at least until there is an official successor. One of the few exceptions here is Forza Motorsport 7, where Microsoft had to pull the plug prematurely due to licensing problems and thus only Forza Horizon 5 (and its predecessor) represents the racing game series. In addition to titles from Microsoft, all Game Pass subscribers receive - at no extra cost - access to EA Play and the games it contains from the American publisher EA. The EA Play game subscription includes a number of games, but the American publisher does without current game titles such as FIFA 22 or Battlefield 2042. FIFA 22 is only included in EA Play as a trial version with a limited playing time of 10 hours per user account. However, in order to be able to play FIFA 22, longer, you have to subscribe to the subscription called EA Play Pro, which is still subject to a fee. The service costs around 15 euros per month or 100 euros per year and includes all of the current game titles from EA. There are also so-called pro rewards, including access to season passes. There are also EA games as deluxe editions, which therefore bring special in-game content with them