Biostar brings "ideal" mining motherboard for Intel

Biostar's new TZ590-BTC mainboard should not only be suitable for work and play but explicitly also for mining applications.

Biostar brings "ideal" mining motherboard for Intel

Photo Credits: Biostar / Promo

Biostar's new TZ590-BTC mainboard should not only be suitable for work and play but explicitly also for mining applications. Biostar has installed a total of nine PCI Express slots on the board, eight of which only have one 3.0 lane each. Apart from that, the board with the Z590 chipset is not very spectacular.

Although Intel launched the new Alder Lake processors and thus the new Socket 1700 three months ago, Biostar has now announced a motherboard for the old Socket 1200 anyway. According to the company, the TZ590-BTC is aimed at the middle class and in particular at gamers, streamers, HTPC users, and also miners.

A motherboard tailored for miners

The first-mentioned applications are hardly surprising, after all, almost every current mainboard can claim these target groups. What is unusual, however, is that Biostar advertises the board as "ideal" for mining for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This usually requires many PCI Express slots to connect miners or graphics cards . These slots are also provided for the Biostar TZ590-BTC: In addition to a single x16 slot, which is connected via eight 4.0 lanes, the mainboard also has eight x1 slots, each connected to a PCI Express 3.0 lane. A total of nine PCI-E devices can therefore be operated simultaneously, even if extension adapters may be necessary due to the arrangement on the board.

Apart from the numerous PCI-E connections, the TZ590-BTC has few special features. Biostar advertises the Z590 board with, among other things, an 11-phase power supply, four DDR4 slots with up to 3,600 MHz according to the JEDEC standard, and a PS/2 socket on the I/O panel. This means that the mainboard should actually be primarily interesting for miners since the unusual PCI-E division is rather a hindrance for most other users. In addition, the availability is questionable: the similar TZ590-BTC duo from Biostar is hardly available. Presumably, the board is simply sold directly to miners. It could be similar to the TZ590-BTC.

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The 12th generation Intel Core processors (Alder Lake-S) were extremely well received by users, but they require new motherboards under the LGA 1700 to support them. Initially, only the more expensive models with the Z690 chipset were available on the market, but recently there are also present, cheaper designs with H670, B660, and H610 chipsets.