Dune Spice Wars: House Harkonnen Special Units

Once again there is some news about Dune Spice Wars. After the house Atreides, the second of the previously known factions is now presented.

Dune Spice Wars: House Harkonnen Special Units

Photo Credits: Shiro Games / Promo

Once again there is some news about Dune Spice Wars. After the house Atreides, the second of the previously known factions in the 4X real-time strategy game is now presented. The Harkonnen differ in gameplay.

It continues with developer information on the 4X real-time strategy game Dune Spice Wars, which is scheduled to launch in Early Access in 2022 and is being developed by Shiro Games. Most recently, the gameplay and the special units of the house Atreides were presented.

House Harkonnen: the specifics of the gameplay

As is well known, there are five playable factions in Dune: Spice Wars, the two previously known factions, Harkonnen and Atreides, have now also been introduced in more detail. It is not yet known when the developer will present the other three houses. The House of Harkonnen has now been presented in a new blog, classic attributes are ambition, but also brutality and evil. Hailing from the planet Giedi Prime, the Harkonnen are feared, and not just because of their leader, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who is known to be sneaky.

Selected council members, each with specific strengths and weaknesses, help manage the property and pursue its goals. This is how you can emphasize the strengths of your house or mitigate weaknesses: in the case of the Harkonnen, these are Glossu Rabban, who has the sole aim of maximizing profits, Pieter de Vries, an expert in espionage operations, Feyd-Rautha, a master of charm and manipulation, and Iakin Nefud, the cruel military chief.

Harkonnen gameplay focuses, among other things, on military strength. The soldiers are expendable and fanatical, giving them great clout. In addition, there are above all dodgy politics, assassinations, or ultra-modern espionage, with which they win wars without having to start them.

Harkonnen unique units include:
  • Soldiers: Armed with razor-sharp blades, the soldiers are capable of going berserk when injured, ignoring their pain and increasing their strength as they near death.
  • So-called Vanguards are masters of combat and assassins who delight in blood and death, slaying their targets one by one, "regardless of loss and without emotion".
  • Gunners are experts in destruction, armed with experimental, secretly-crafted explosive weapons. They cause such damage that their troops are often wounded and killed by their own fire - to the glory of the house.
  • House guards are ruthless killers who will obey and execute any command without hesitation.
  • Stealth Probes are disposable and cheap mechanical units designed solely for the purpose of stealth espionage and assassination.